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An unbreakable bond - faithful dog stays with deceased guardian

Inseparable friends
Inseparable friends
Family photo

Where 80-year-old Jimmy Wilkerson went, so too, went his beloved dog "BeBe." The little Maltese was faithful in life, and as it turns out, he was equally devoted to his guardian in death. According to USA Today, the small dog was discovered by Wilkerson's body on Tuesday along a dirt road in Carroll County, Ga.

The elderly man had disappeared 23 days before - his truck was discovered where it apparently became stuck near a creek, in the woods. Wilkerson tried to walk away from his pickup, but he only made it about a quarter of a mile.

During the long days that morphed into weeks, BeBe remained with his deceased guardian - judging by the condition of the dog's body, those days were not easy. After being discovered, BeBe was taken to a veterinarian for an exam and he was found to be suffering from bite wounds and broken ribs...apparently fighting off some form of wildlife during his days alone in an effort to survive.

BeBe's time with his guardian is over, but Wilkerson's family intends to care for him for the remainder of his life - Meta Smith, Wilkerson's daughter, stated:

I love that dog,"

"We're going to take care of BeBe, like he took care of my father."

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