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An SAT New Year's Resolution

Sierra Rentz
Sierra Rentz
Sierra Rentz

The first interview of our new year’s resolutions study was conducted, unplanned, at Coffee Oasis in the Houston Clear Lake area. Initially, Sierra Rentz’s unique blend of beauty might have disguised the fact that she was the only one reading a book—a book as thick as Melville’s Moby Dick. However the book Ms. Rentz read was not a long literary classic, but was actually a study guide for the Scholastic Aptitude Test—The Official SAT Study Guide.

Ms. Rentz’s concentration was interrupted by a bad joke. ‘If you’re stuck on a question I’ve heard that "C" is the best answer.’ 

But the young lady offered a different suggestion. “Actually my book says that if you’re stuck you should just move on. Try it sometime,” she replied, as she returned to her reading.

Teen Examiner apologized for the interruption, stating that our purpose was to discover and share new resolutions for senior teens and explaining that she might be able to help by sharing her method for preparing for the SAT. She agreed but added that she had just a little time before leaving for work.

Sierra said that she had researched her options carefully. She spoke of favorably of both the Princeton and the Kaplan review course, saying that some of her friends had bennifitted substantially from either training. However, she said the tuition costs did not fit into her budget—a budget that was designed to save as much money as possible for The Texas School of Business, which she plans to attend next year.
Further, she explained how in comparison with some of the other test guides she had sampled, the one she now had was more efficient. According to Sierra the most difficult part of her method of test preparation was maintaining discipline of her daily practice routine. She seemed to treat her test prep like a job, making a study schedule so that it would coincide with her other job as a hair stylist.

“Stick to your schedule and don’t play sick,” she said.  Write down weekly goals and monitor your progress. Those are the most important things.”

It seems Sierra’s advice and self-discipline has much to offer her peers. So we asked if we could learn more about her plans and aspirations. What was her dream? And what was her plan to make it come true?

Sierra agreed to an additional interview later this week.


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