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An RV, a Life Size Chewbacca Mask, 3 Light Sabers, a Big Red Balloon and Everyth

An RV, a Life Size Chewbacca Mask, 3 Light Sabers, a Big Red Balloon and Everything in Between - Part 1
An RV, a Life Size Chewbacca Mask, 3 Light Sabers, a Big Red Balloon and Everything in Between - Part 1
Leon Logothetis

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing” -Helen Keller

I was dozing off at my local Starbucks on Hollywood Boulevard, having just guzzled down a scrumptious soy hot chocolate. Bliss.

Then it happened. The voice in my head began its merry dance.

You must go on an RV trip and you must do it within the next three days.

When the voice in my head speaks -- I listen. I called a few buddies and we conjured up a plan: Conquer the Grand Canyon in 4 days. Start in Los Angeles. Finish in Los Angeles. Simple. Fun. Relaxing. Well, that was the plan anyways. Just a simple trip to the Grand Canyon. Happens every day…

What happened to us was far from an everyday occurrence… we were accidently transported into a vortex of some kind. The good kind of vortex… happens every day! But that’s all to come.

I managed to muster 6 people together: Ilia, Ian, Hengi, Ellisabeth, Tina and myself. An epic journey awaited, but before it could truly begin we needed props. Yes, Props. I went on a Toys R Us run and bought the essentials: a Darth Vader mask replete with voice changer, a Chewbacca mask, an Iron man mask, three light sabers and anticipation galore, which was priceless.

Now, we were ready.

The day dawned bright as we prepared the RV for its adventure. First stop, the Grand Canyon. Happiness abounded. We took a wacky group picture (think balloons, Chewbacca masks, Boston Terriers…) and then it was game on baby!

It sure didn’t take long for the madness to infect us all.

First to make an appearance were the Iron man and Chewbacca masks as we wilted in the heat and early afternoon traffic. People stared. Perplexed. Then the smiles came. Then came the laughter. I like to think we brightened up a few people’s day on that slow stretch of monotonous highway. With the music blaring and the adrenaline pumping we eked our way east. To the Promised Land.

As the traffic cleared we made a pit stop where this whole idea began: someone else’s local Starbucks. One of the motley crew yelled, “Lets do the Starbucks run in drag!” Well, in Star Wars drag that is, so out came the Chewbacca mask again. Fun was had by all… including the young girl who looked at her mum and said, “Why is there a bear inside the shop mummy?” Why indeed?

We got back on the road and sped on our merry way to the Grand Canyon. With the music pumping and the sun setting our next adventure was brewing: a light saber duel. I always knew those light sabers would come in handy. I donned the Darth Vader mask and Ian wore the Chewbacca mask. The duel was indeed epic, as all light saber duels should be. Was this really happening? Chewy, Darth, a light saber duel and the whirr of trucks on the side of an American highway.

It was really happening and it was but the beginning…

Leon Logothetis

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