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An Original Take on the Zombie Apocalypse

Fox Lee

All around the world people take great pleasure in reading. Each and every book is a potential delight, regardless of genre. It may be a heart-warming romance novel, an adventure-filled fantasy story, a fast-paced thriller, or an intriguing crime novel - there is something to suit any person’s taste. Fox Lee’s latest novel, “Into the Darkness,” may appeal to numerous readers, because it combines elements from four different genres: horror, suspense, historical fiction, and dark fantasy.

“Into the Darkness” is the first installment in the “Legend of Shadow and Shine” series. Dark forces have thrown the world into chaos and terror. The Dark Veil, strengthened by the negative energy of the Second World War, has spawned a powerful agent, the Dark One. After assuming a physical form, this evil entity gathers the undead and builds a wicked army – the Black Legion.

For thousands of years, the Order of the Shine has protected the world and all its inhabitants, constantly fighting against the Dark Veil. Yet due to the extreme conflicts between people which engendered suffering and pain in the hearts of so many, the power of the Veil has considerably increased. Now the members of the Order must fight with all their might against the Dark One’s devastating army and stop the zombie apocalypse if they are to save mankind. The Good versus Evil dichotomy finds a powerful model in Fox Lee’s novel. The reader finds himself or herself rooting for the success of the Order, while fearing the catastrophes that the Dark Veil’s agent may cause.

Fast-paced and full of action, “Into the Darkness” is an engaging thriller which will keep you on the edge of your seat. Fox Lee’s novel brings together historical facts, intriguing plot lines, and well-built characters, all of these combined with a fair dose of humor into what could be considered an original, fresh take on the zombie apocalypse. Grab your own copy of “Into the Darkness” free on Amazon from 2/11 to 2/14. Find it on Amazon.

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