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An original medical thriller that raises some important questions


Fascinating, intriguing, downright scary – these are just some of the words that can describe Willie Stewart’s debut novel, ‘taRNished: A Serial Killer Revealed’. Hospitals may not be the best places to find yourself in, but they do make perfect settings for mind-blowing thrillers. And what makes this medical thriller feel so realistic is that the author knows what he’s writing about. Willie Stewart is a critical care Registered Nurse with over 13 years of nursing experience, so he used all his knowledge of the healthcare system to make his book as compelling as possible for his readers.

The main character is Dale, a young male Registered Nurse who discovers a new hobby that brings him great pleasure and satisfaction: killing patients in the Intensive Care Unit. His first murder was a mistake, but when he saw that he didn’t suffer any consequences, Dale realized that he actually liked killing his patients. Moreover, he has his mother’s support. Isabel works in the same hospital as her son, and she only wants to see him happy. Things change when Dale starts a relationship with the new Respiratory Therapist. Suddenly, Isabel feels that the woman is going to steal her beloved boy, so she is ready to do anything to keep her away.

‘taRNished: A Serial Killer Revealed’ is a powerful story about murder, sex, domination, and innocence. It takes readers on a journey they will never forget, and surprises them with every unexpected twist. Dale is a complex character especially because he is so difficult to understand. Willie Stewart offers great insight into his thoughts and actions, which turns his novel into an intriguing psychological thriller. Although they might not like Dale, the readers will want to take advantage of the opportunity to see how a serial killer thinks and what he feels. Isabel is just as interesting as her son, and readers will turn the pages as fast as possible to see what these dangerous, yet fascinating characters will do next.

Through his novel, Willie Stewart aims to draw everyone’s attention to what is currently happening in the healthcare system. The nursing work force is being overwhelmed by the number of patients that enter the hospital each day. It seems that the Obamacare is adding tens of millions more patients into a healthcare system that doesn’t have enough Registered Nurses and enough nursing instructors. The author is trying to make people understand the seriousness of his issue while delivering a great crime story. No doubt, ‘taRNished: A Serial Killer Revealed’ is one of those books that people feel they need to recommend to their friends and family.

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