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An organized playroom (markers)


Sterilite counter top drawer organizer

While organizing the new playroom for my girls I decided to separate the markers from the other coloring supplies after my 2 year old had too much fun with the markers on several of the walls in our home. I organized all the markers in an inexpensive small Sterilite counter top drawer organizer. I like it because it is small, portable and the drawers are removable. I store them on one of the shelves that anchor the desk in the playroom and made sure that it’s out of reach for my 2 year old.

The rest of the coloring supplies I placed on the desk.  I found the adorable organizers below at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  They are easy to move around and the girls can pull them close to them as they work on their crafts.

I advice that you separate items by function; this will make pulling together supplies for a common purpose easy.

Happy organizing.


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