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An Ordinary, Extraordinary Life

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays one month past our lives take on the normal routines of everyday life. By the grace of God we arise, we get ready, we eat, we work, we return, perhaps dine at home or out, we unwind and we sleep. Day after day we follow the routine patterns of our lives so closely that is seems at times we are on autopilot. It is very easy to become somewhat hypnotized by everyday life, just as it is very easy to allow the tools of the evil one to mesmerize and add to the routine “buzz” of life. Many times we are jolted back to reality by something unexpected and sometimes those moments can change lives forever.

The bible tells us very little about the youth, adolescent and twenty something life of Yeshua, the only begotten son of God except for Luke 2: 39-52. In the passage it is written: “And the child grew and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom and the grace of God was upon him.” We can imagine the life of a youthful Jewish boy: curious, obedient, learning his stepfather's trade, learning how to pick out trees, how to cut them down, how to drag them back to the workshop, how to let the wood season and then to process it into useful lumber. At his bar mitzvah Jesus would have read from the scrolls of the torah to prove his understanding of the scriptures and thus his admittance to Jewish manhood.

At around that time his earthly parents made the yearly journey to Jerusalem for the passover and when the feast was over they began the return to Nazareth, yet He was not with them. After seeking him among relatives and neighbors Mary and Joseph returned to Jerusalem and they found Yeshua in the temple talking with the learned men. These were amazed at his questions and his answers to their questions. When Mary asked her son why he had done this for they had been searching for Him, He said: “Why have you been searching for me, didn't you know I would be doing my father's business?” They did not understand this statement, but as an obedient son He went with them back to Nazareth where Luke tells us he: “Increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.”

A routine journey to keep the expectation with the portion of the law concerning worship is turned upside down when God is present. So it is with our lives when we invite the Lord to dwell within our temple, to ask us questions and to help us find the answers. Our routines are there for a purpose. They help us to keep on track, but they should not lull us into just going through the motions. Let God and the Lord Jesus augment your routine and increase your wisdom and favor in His eyes.

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