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An open note to political leaders from mothers of special needs children

Tim's mom might agree…
Tim's mom might agree…
Tracy Lynn Cook, Facebook

While the country's political challenges rage on with their factions and self righteous indignation, 'regular' people keep on keepin' on.

Some of us don't have the luxury of reading "Fox in Sox" to stop things we may perceive as being 'unfair' or 'harmful' to our daily lives. Some of us don't have the 'change the world' mentality. Some of us are trying to change the world we live in - day in and day out - for better or worse.

Some of us don't answer creditor calls because we don't have new answers for those whom we owe.

Some of us don't don't have 'real jobs' because we are on call for our children - children who sometimes can't make it through the school day without support either emotional or physical from the one person who can offer support and a safe haven from the outside world. Some of us answer to the most challenging job in the world. Some of us are Mom to children, teens, young adults and adults. Some of us never get days off. Some of us don't get paid. Some of us stay married. Some of us get divorced. Some of us are extraordinary. Some of us never should have become parents. Some of us weather the storm and have productive children who grow into productive adults. Some of us end up ducking cameras on the nightly news.

Either way? Some of us don't care about the Tea Party, Republicans, Democrats or President Obama. Some of us are too busy overseeing shrinking support for the most voiceless 'at risk' population.

Some of us are trying to not drive our cars into trees. Some of us are trying to navigate shrinking support for a growing problem. Some of us are just trying to breathe.

Please excuse the lack of attention from this segment of the population, and never mistake the lack of action as a lack of comprehension for what is going on.

Some of us are too damn busy to respond to 'political leaders' who are misbehaving so badly that should our own children behave in such a manner, they would be suspended.

Our message, if I may be so bold as to speak for special needs parents, would be - "grow up and play nice. Sheesh! What the hell is wrong with you?!?"

It is not a lack of comprehension on the part of those who have had services cut… rather… it is that we are too damn busy compensating.



A frustrated Mama of a 17 year old child who could really use a hand.

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