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An open letter to President Obama on the genocide in Gaza

Dear Mr. President,

This is an open letter I have chosen to write because I am saddened and sickened by the lack of moral courage being shown by America's leaders including you. I wonder how you or anyone can view the brutal images coming out of Gaza and still voice unequivocal support for the State of Israel. I am ashamed that you and our Senators and Congressmen can view the brutal murder of young innocent children and stand in front of the world and call that self defense.

To take what you try to describe as a complicated issue and simplify it let me state what a Palestinian might, You steal my land, you cut down my olive trees, you bulldoze my house to make way for illegal settlements, you kill my father and mother in the 1948 Nakba, now you murder my wife and children, you humiliate us and degrade us daily and try to convince us we are second class citizens but somehow I am to blame because out of desperation I shot a rocket back at my tormentors. That is the real story of the genocide in Gaza not the slick propaganda of TV news.

There is no defense for the worst human cruelty and certainly no justification for what I have seen. Soldiers using children for target practice. Israeli politicians calling for women and children to be killed as well because women give birth to the little snakes. Not yet 100 years and we have forgotten all we supposedly learned from the evil brutality of Adolf Hitler.

The disgraceful fact is that yet again you keep reiterating Israel has the right of self defense even as the evidence amounts to almost beyond a reasonable doubt that the Israeli's are engaged in genocide not self defense and your unequivocal backing gives them the clout to engage in war crimes literally with your blessing and in all of our names as Americans.

Mr.President,you do not give unequivocal support to Israel in my name. You do not tacitly endorse Netanyahu's war crimes in my name. I am appalled, saddened, and made sick to the bottom of my soul by America's lack of a moral compass and by your failed moral leadership. You, Mr. President are the one person who could get this immoral genocide to stop, but instead you continue to endorse it before the world. The blood of Gaza is on your hands now because the slaughter continues unabated.

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