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An ode to Natural Products Expo West

To me, Expo West is Disneyland for natural product foodies, and it is an event that requires endurance, stretchy pants, and solid footwear. Every year is more intense than the last, and this year was no exception. Attendance from first time companies was up 20%, the event expanded to two additional rooms, and an estimated 67,000 people attended.

I have to say the companies were incredibly generous with samples, and that meant both of the beds in my hotel room were consistently covered. One day I woke up with packaged food in my bed, which caused me to pen a funny tweet: 'You might be at Expo West if you wake up with food in your bed.' This got me to thinking that maybe an ode to Expo West in the style of a Jeff Foxworthy bit was in order, so here you go:

You might be at Expo West:

  • If you have to start exercising just to build up the strength to walk the show floor for three days
  • If you pack very little clothing to make sure there is enough room in your luggage for food samples
  • If you pick your hotel based on its distance from the Anaheim Convention Center
  • If you wake up with packaged food in your bed
  • If after a long day of eating samples, you realize you are starving
  • If you have so many appointments scheduled there is no way to physically make it to them
  • If you just can't eat another bite, well, maybe you can
  • If you are craving red meat, veggies, and salad
  • If your blisters have blisters
  • If you lose your voice from networking
  • If you arrive at the airport only to realize your luggage is embarrassingly overweight
  • If you leave five-10 pounds heavier than when you arrived

...but I wouldn't change this experience for the world!

Have you attended this event? What was your favorite experience?

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