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An ode to National Novel Writing Month 2009 and the Central Iowa region


 Photo: -12 C/Flickr
  • Clean house - check
  • Reward system in place  - check
  • Brief plot, character, and setting - check
  • Ninja - check
  • Inner editor on plane to Bermuda - check

This is it.  NaNoWriMo 2009 begins at midnight tonight, November 1.  The following poem by local NaNo author Kayla Clark perfectly captures the experience of writing with the Central Iowa region, including their energetic battle cry.

Central Iowa Authors
Novel Writing Month
November 2009

I remember a cold evening in October;
People bundled up tight,
Laptops and notebooks in position,
Posed, ready to write.

The CIA Boss has an eye on the time,
It is nearing the middle of the night.
The moment the clock strikes twelve,
Ninjas will come out to fight.

“It is time,” the Boss Lady says.
“Let us write until it is light!
“Remember, fifty-thousand words by November’s demise!”
Cries of “Yea crap!” fill novelists with delight.


Good luck to all the Des Moines metro/Central Iowa region NaNoWriMo writers!  Check back here at throughout the month as I post Cewrite-in updates, interviews, photos, regional stats, etc.

For more info: If you'd like to join NaNoWriMo 2009, it's not too late.  Visit the NaNoWriMo website to join and affiliate yourself with the Central Iowa region.  More info on the event can be found at the links below.  Special thanks to Kayla Clark for permission to post her NaNo poem.