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An Ode To My Babies (Missing You)

Without you, I'm not living. I'm slowly dying.

Because of you, I push. I keep on trying.

Wherever my heart is, you're there. In me, you're residing.

No matter how high the mountain, for you I'll keep climbing.
Everything that I am, you have. I'll keep providing.

With every tear from my eyes, your faces are a continual reminding.

From the sweat of my brow, I'll fight and keep on fighting.

With prayers to heaven, your names I'll keep on reciting.

You're all that have. Nothing else is nearly as exciting.

You're the three songs that my heart and soul keep on comprising.

I type these words on the verge of breakdown. So uncompromising.

Promising the days will better for us all. The dawn of a new day is rising.

I love my baby girl with every inch of my soul. A love that is so mesmerizing.

My name sake is my hero, my heart and breath. His smile toward me is hypnotizing.

My oldest son is troubled but he's my glow in the dark. Seemingly immune to chastising.

I love all three of you for many different reasons. This love requires no categorizing.

I'm a Dad. I'm a man. My soul is spent. But these three keep me in the game.

Without the love of my babies and my belief in Christ Jesus, my life would surely be mundane.

And not the same....

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