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An Ode to Being Forty-Ish: The 10 Things Women Learn in their 40's

47 looks good on me!
47 looks good on me!
Saundra SassyScribe Photo collection

Ladies as we age, we tend to take time and reflect on our lives. We start to question who, what, when, where, why, and the how’s of our lives. It’s not something we did in our twenties. In our thirties, some of us are raising a family, and maybe even in going back to school, or focusing on our careers.

However, it is turning forty when some of us ‘get it’. When life clicks and the light bulb turns on, we ‘get it’. We tend to know who we are as a woman. Where we want to go. Why we need to do what we do and focus on how to get there. Granted it took us forty some years to ‘figure it out’, but we are here now and this feeling is amazing! What is witnessed by family, friends, and coworkers are strong, outspoken, women.

Women that are strong in trials, and vulnerable in tribulations, yet cry silently at night, because they refuse to live in that moment of crisis. Women that are beautiful inside and out. Women who recognize their value, worth, and what they have to offer others. Women who are open to change, because life is ever changing, and we have learned to adapt a little better than we did twenty odd years ago.

At forty-ish:

  1. We speak our mind – it’s not what you say, but how you say it, and sometimes you say it exactly how you feel.
  2. We can pretty much do what we want, when we want…it’s a perk of being forty.
  3. Sex is FREAKING AWESOME…!!!
  4. We sag in some places and hey…it’s okay!
  5. We can still party, just not as much as we did in our twenty’s but we can get down!
  6. 6. e realized that as we age, so do our parents! (thank God mine are here & fairly healthy)
  7. We are not really concerned about being cool, or being the flavor of the month- we go out and party and don’t really worry about ‘impressing’ folks.
  8. 8. e’ve done a couple of things…been a couple places…and some of us have written a couple of books! Not many can say that!
  9. We understand that the metabolism thing is true…it does slow down, which means we have to eat healthier and exercise more! (Who wants to do that…the exercise thing that is?)
  10. We make fortyish look damn good! In short love being 47!

I embrace my age. I embrace my flaws, my ripples, curves, and ridges! As I look over the horizon and I see 50 approaching faster than I would like, I have learned that being forty-something is pretty damn awesome!

Saundra aka SassyScribe

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