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An odd couple? Detroit Hip Hop and Michigan Film



The Odd Couple: Detroit Hip Hop & Michigan Film

Abnormal. Strange. Weird. Those are terms that come to mind when someone compares oddities. Contrasting the Detroit Hip Hop scene with the Michigan Film industry, and those terms seem extreme. Without deep analysis, the two essentially are like peanut butter and jelly. Music and film are definitely separate entities within their own right, but when was the last time you watched a film without a musical soundtrack? To separate music and film is, as Oran "Juice" Jones put it, “like cornflake without da milk!” Okay, so that is extreme but we know all too well how music video revolutionized the way we look at our favorite stars—good or bad.

Today’s music is fueled by imagery depending on which side is exposed: flossy, struggling, conscious, party, grimy…the list goes on. Now that many are mobilized— whether it is with the equipment or with the knowledge and know-how, artists are engaging in visual art forms that showcase their musical talent. This phenomenon has penetrated the musical landscape beyond the Detroit classics, “The Scene ”, or “The New Dance Show ”. Nowadays you can catch hot shows such as the Kori's Corner, Al Nuke's Nuke at Night, or the highly anticipated newcomer, “The Mr. CliffNote Show ”.

Since Governor Jennifer Granholm has done her due diligence in an attempt to breathe life back into Michigan’s economy, the Michigan film incentive, she passed has attracted major movie studios to the area. Actors filming on location in Detroit like Rob Schneider and Renee Zellweger were cool, but when you mention a heavy cat like Clint Eastwood, any buzz showcasing Detroit in a positive light is enough to make anyone’s day. With talk looming in the air of a serious deal on the table to build a major movie studio here near Allen Park, locals are wondering when and how they can get in the film game-not rhetorical, the answers are right now and this Saturday March 28th when Jane-the-Director presents her bi-monthly multi-media seminar.

Jane-the-Director is a Michigan feature film director who has been hosting this networking event for over 5 years. Her purpose is to allow industry insiders to network with newcomers. Those who want to learn the biz can speak with filmmakers, directors, and other industry professionals. And by the way, posting videos on YouTube does not make you a pro. If you want film-making to be a skill and more than just a side-hustle, then expand your horizons and learn from the following guest speakers:

Thomas Whitmire president of Quest for Greatness Productions,LLC

  • Will cover everything needed to know about multi media

Monica Link President of Link 4 productions

  • Will speak about live shows and how they focus on theater productions

Lilmissdottie: The WordStylist

  • Will speak about mobilizing the talents of the hip hop community


Teresa Cregget

  • Will give tips on getting into the business; reputable companies and her acting and directing experience

Keynote Speaker

  • John Dmytryszyn “The Motivational Cowboy”

Will speak on Image, Attitude, Focus and Consistency with a main
theme of ‘Living the Outstanding Life’

RSVP now

Tickets will sell out fast. Limited seating is available.

Students: $15.00 Adults: $20.00

Bring your music: Come out and support ya girl. I want to see my hip hop heads in the building strong. This is for you. We are giving you the tools; now make the tools work for you. Come out and network. You never know what opportunities are lurking right in your own backyard. You can submit your hip hop music in person to me at this event as well. Please have all materials properly labeled with the appropriate contact information. Click here to send your digital formats such as mp3 or .wma files.