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An O'Reilly Auto Parts drive-thru store is opened in Somerville, Tennessee

O'Reilly Auto Parts Store damaged by run away vehicle
O'Reilly Auto Parts Store damaged by run away vehicle
Gerry Glenn Jones

Although, before June 29, 2014 the O'Reilly Auto Parts store in Somerville, Tennessee was just another auto parts dealership, the events that occurred on this same date, made it O'Reilly Auto Part's first drive-thru auto parts store, and it was an amazing and frightening opening. It was also one that was not sanctioned by O'Reilly's.

While employees and customers enjoyed a non-eventful Sunday afternoon at the Somerville retail store, all that changed about 3:30pm when a vehicle crashed through the of the front of the store and came to rest inside. No one was injured, including the driver of the vehicle. It was determined that it was just a freak accident. Photos of the store show that the entire front window section was destroyed and the first row of shelves were cleared of merchandise. Similar accidents such as this have occurred in Somerville, as well as other parts of the country and world. It is always a wonder when no one injured.

The best thing about these type of accidents is brick, mortar and glass can be replaced; whereas. human life cannot be. We live in a society where a motor vehicle accident can happen in an instant. There were no charges filed in this mishap.

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