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An Islamic America: No thank you, Mr. President.

The Freedom Press online reported about a Pastor in Uganda who was born and raised there by his Muslim mother and father. As an adult, when he decided to convert to Christianity, his Muslim family and others in the community turned against him.

It was in the dark of night that a voice called to Pastor Umar Mulinde to come outside. When he did, a man in the darkness threw acid in his face. Acid burns covered half of his face and part of the back of his head. Fearing that he might be attacked again, he rand for safety.

This vicious attack was spawned simply because he, a Muslim, converted to Christianity. This is such a growing problem for many Muslims converting to Christianity and forsaking their Muslim faith. No matter where you find Muslims who decide that the Muslim faith is not for them, you also hear fo atrocities, violence, torture and even death to those who dare to embrace any other religion, particularly, Christianity. Will we ever see an end to the Muslims' hatred toward Christians?

Pastor Mulinde is just one example of Muslim hatred toward Christian and they have no problem carrying out actions like acid in the face against their own families or neighbors. What happened to him is mild compared to some who have been maimed beyond recognition or have been tortured, beheaded and even crucified for their acts of defiance against the Muslim faith.

This is the "religion" that Barack Obama defends as peaceful. This is the religion that he honors and openly invites members like the Muslim Brotherhood to participate in events in the White House and allows Imams to pray over the bodies of our fallen soldiers in the Muslim language cursing them in the name of Allah.

A warning comes from this young Pastor for America to keep Islam out of our country and protect and preserve our Christian heritage before we find ourselves in the same situation. So, if you think that this could never happen in our country, you are either living in a bubble, you have your head in the sand or you just plain do care. Either way is a dangerous position for any of us to be in. Muslims are gaining more and more control in other parts of the world. Look at Iraq at the cities that have been taken over and now their capital is in danger of being the next one. Indifference and ignorance are our greatest enemies if we don't take a stand and fight on whatever level we can to stop Islam and Sharia Law from taking over our country like it has in other places, worldwide.

There is also a report by Atlas Shrugs' Pamela Geller that 42 children in a Nigerian school were slaughtered by a Muslim group The Children wee burned alive and those who tried to escape were shot by Jihadists who also slit their throats. This is evil in all its glory attacking innocent children and making them suffer such violent deaths.

Why were these children slaughtered so savagely? In Nigeria, this is the fate of children exposed to Christianity or any kind of Westernized educational programs.

These Muslim Jihadists are so full of hatred towards Christianity that it has completely enveloped their hearts and indeed, their very being. They have no fear of death and quite obviously have no fear of bringing death upon anyone else. It matters not to them if they are Muslims converted to Christianity, Christians in general or even children who don't understand why there is so much hatred among the people.

In Pamela Geller's report, she says that America should be sending arms to help Christians and train them to defend themselves against the Muslim Jihadists.

If we don't stand with Christians here and around the world, we could, one day, be in the same situation as the people in Nigeria and other places in the Middle East.

These videos clearly show that Islam in America is not something that America will accept and certainly will not embrace. There are some good Muslims who are not violent and do not participate in the extremists actions, but where are they? Why do they not stand up and unite against these radical Muslims?

Yes, Mr. President, you send money, arms and equipment to strengthen the work of Muslim terrorists but you won't send aid to help thousands and thousands of Christians in places like Nigeria where so many innocent lives are lost. You arm the enemy, but you do all you can to unarm and leave defenseless, those who stand on their Christian beliefs be they converts or not.

It is apparent, Mr. President, that you continue to side with the enemy while professing to be a Christian. You think you have fooled us, but we know what you stand for and it isn't the people's constitutional rights and it isn't the Judeo-Christian beliefs our country was founded on. You obviously have no regard for human life or you would not be arming and supporting these terrorist groop.

Adding insult to injury, you make a deal with those same enemies who were responsible for the 9/11 attack right here on American soil when two planes deliberately crashed into the Twin Towers in New York City. What was that deal? You agreed and made possible the release of 5 of the top leaders o Jihad in exchange for a deserter and one who has converted to the Muslim faith. He left his post and walked away with no thought of the safety of those he left behind.

Our soldiers were sent to look for him perhaps fearing that he'd been captured or injured. In their efforts to find him, they lost their lives. Are we supposed to be grateful for the return of a soldier who was awol and who ultimately caused the deaths of fellow soldiers? It was really important for you to bring this particular soldier home under such a deal, but why? Where are your loyalties, Mr. President or do you even know what that means?

You are losing credibility with the people, Mr. President. we are getting tired of being pawns in you hands and those of your administration. We have witnessed year after year, your disdain for our Constitution and our military. You are a usurper of power and see yourself as a king and not a president.

Kings rule with absolute authority, giving the people no choice but his. This seems to fit you, Mr. President, more and more as you continue your second term. Now, a president, or at least one with honor, governs justly, allowing the people freedom to live, work, play, worship, believe, think and say what they will. A president doesn't punish those who don't happen to agree with him. He tries to work with the people he represents and governs. You, Mr. President, have done the complete opposite.

You have allowed radical Muslims to enter our borders and we have seen videos and read articles about beheadings here in America. This should never happen here. The same ones responsible for the beheadings go in front of a camera and boast about that they've done in broad daylight. This is not the America we grew up in and it's not the America we want our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to grow up in.

Thankfully, there is hope that this tyrannical leadership of yours will end and the people will once again own their own country and honorable leaders will be put into place. Your reign, King Obama, is soon to come to a close as we, the people, begin to replace corrupt people in important leadership position with honorable conservative men and women who will bring stability and greatness back to our country.

What does this writer have to say about an Islamic America? No, thank you, Mr. President. If Islam rule under Sharia Law is what you want, you are free to go to any number of countries now under Islamic rule. Here are a few suggestions; Nigeria, Kuwait, Egypt, Libya and Iraq. We like our freedom, Mr. President to worship how, where or what we choose and we will not bow down to Allah. There is only one God; the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; the only true God of the universe and the Father of Jesus Christ.