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An Ironic Political Thriller that Will Keep Readers Guessing

Bestselling author Jon McDonald is well-known for his clever, witty stories and his memorable characters. His fans already know that they will discover something new and unexpected in each of his novels. For instance, his political thriller, "The Seed", is much more than a thriller: it is a satirical novel that deals with social and political issues. It is a fun and entertaining read, but, at the same time, it challenges the readers with some thought-provoking ideas and questions.

Diego is the son of the president of the Unites States and the leader of an environmental action group. He proves that his work and moral principles are more important to him than his relationship with his father when he exposes the conspiracy between the president and the CEO of a major oil company. It seems that the president committed illegal acts and tried to manipulate the oil markets to ensure his election. Diego’s involvement leads to terrible criticism against the president, and even a couple of murder attempts.

Things get even more complicated for the president when a mistress claims that she is carrying his child. His wife sues for divorce, and the president’s family is destroyed just like his career. What is worse is that the whole country is in danger, because the dictator of Venezuela, who had also been part of the initial plot, is threatening the US with an attack if it tries to stop him from controlling the oil in the neighboring countries. Now both the president and his son are trying to take control of the situation, but time is running out and they don’t have many options.

"The Seed" is an amazing thriller that will keep readers on the edge of their seat with unexpected twists and a resolution that will take them completely by surprise. They will root for all the characters, even the villains, because the author has a way of making them complex, believable, and likeable. The good characters have their own flaws, and the bad characters have redeeming qualities that make them even more interesting. Each of them acts so naturally and unexpectedly that readers won’t be able to guess what they will do next. They will turn the pages as fast as possible to find out, hoping that everything will end well at least for Diego, whose intentions were good.

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