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An introspective interview with Ryshon Jones

Interview with Ryshon Jones
Interview with Ryshon Jones
Ryshon Jones

Ryshon Jones is by no means a freshman to the sport of music. He is an underappreciated and highly introspective poet turned rapper. Born and raised in Philly, Ryshon has messages throughout his numerous projects. Do not sleep on this young man’s music. You might even learn a lot about yourself.

I was first introduced to your music via the Friday EP. The project was inspired was inspired by The Weeknd and his mysterious music, which came out of nowhere. I think we were all intrigued by him at the time. Who are you inspired by as much today that you would consider emulating an EP from?

That's a tough one, actually the whole The Weeknd sample project came from me kept comparing our sound. When I finally listened to him I found out he was a singer lol but I just felt a connection to the music from what I was going through at the time. I felt we had a lot in common just minus the drugs and etc. The Friday EP was just the follow up to the She’s Leaving For College mixtape I dropped years back and then I dropped Happily UnHappy. I don't think I could ever do a whole project inspired by one artist again, and honestly I wouldn't say Friday EP was inspired by The Weeknd. It was a continuation of a series I started, that one just happen to have all samples by The Weeknd, as well by the Happily UnHappy project. I'm glad I got to speak on this because people who are fans of me might not know all 3 of the projects connect as one. Some people like all of those projects and nothing else from me which is kinda crazy to me.

What song will you still perform to this day from the Friday EP?

Honestly I can't remember anything on there, and all of the songs are too slow so I don't think I’d pick any lol.

Last year you were releasing projects left and right and dark visuals that actually made people think. I consider you one of the hardest working artists in the game still, but since you went on a releasing spree you have fallen back or slowed down drastically. What was your thinking behind this calm but calculated move?

Well I think me releasing projects left and right was just always a plan of mine once the blog world opened up to me. I would send email after email for like maybe 3 years and when they finally picked up on me after The Lower I Fall The Higher I Aim I just told myself that I would just release music. It's something I wish I could do over to be honest but it worked for its own reasons. It got me a lot of new fans and it got me places so I can't regret that. I kinda slowed down when I just felt like people weren't appreciating the music because it was just coming out at a fast pace. I just took time off to just find inner peace with myself and just think a lot more then I usually do and just vision things. You know for me and my music it's kinda tough for me to break in to certain grounds and it can become frustrating because I work really hard you know but everything is a process. Someone told me "yo I feel like people try stunt on you and block you from things because they feel like if you’re a threat and if you get that platform your gonna really fuck shit up in a good way". It always sticks out to me because I never thought of that but it caught me off guard to actually know that's someone’s opinion. Sometimes you just gotta step back and observe and vision it before it happens. All of the slowing down really helped me make the In Theory project because I just took about 2 months of spending time in this room with no windows and just really listening to my thoughts and what was inside.

Hope is a Dangerous Thing is out now; another project of yours, which I emotionally connect with. Can you break down your favorite song from the album? How it came to fruition? Where it was recorded? Etc.

I think my favorite song on there is American Dreamless and if not that it's W.T. Mansion/Vulnerability. The project was just spur of the moment to be honest. I was in the middle of working on Track Fifteen which is like my first official album and I was getting beats and I wanted to give my true fans a 5 song EP. That turned into having 15 tracks in 2 weeks, all just out of pure fun and just being in a zone. I started the recording in my studio in jersey HomeBass Studios, but I finished up back at home in my room. I really enjoyed making that project, and just as an artist who critiques his own work. Sometimes I hear it and say ah this is whack, then I hear it and love it and I say for that project to be done in a short amount of time I’m pleased with it. Making that project made me feel like a whole new artist, kinda like me having that feeling when I was releasing music left in right.

You always step outside the box when looking for progressive production or sounds. Who are you working with now that might be ahead of their time?

I found some producers out of the country that are pretty dope name HighLeef and Vaiper Despotin. My guy Rollin Mills is pretty sick me and him are do a project one of these days. I've come to know that we kind of think the same and I just know when we really go lock in things will be crazy. I'm also getting in to production myself, it’s something I been doing on and off since back in the 10th grade but I’m learning more lately. Once I feel comfortable with it I’m most likely gonna be releasing random instrumental albums, I can say you can expect 1 or 2 sometime this year from me. I've learned that making beats really takes your mind off of everything and when I go to make beats I’m just lost in what I’m doing and floating around.

What disappoints you?

I rather not answer that.

Welp. I can respect that bro.

Top 3 albums you are playing right now?

Right now I’m loving Cyhi's new project, it’s the first time I’m really getting into him with a full listen and I fuck with it a lot. I love the line where he says "my fans are like the 96 Lakers, coach throw Kobe in". I play the Isaiah Rashad's new project as well; I connect with that project very well. I just erased all my music off my phone so my music stash is kinda low at the moment. I just have my album those albums and random beats right now to get me by.

Who is the greatest rapper ALIVE in your opinion?

Are you getting me? That’s easy Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan and Dylan.

HaHaHaHaHa. I see what you did there.

What artists or musicians would you include on your Mt. Rushmore?

I think I’d go with Nas, Kanye West, André 3000, Biggie, Jay-Z, Chris Martin, Cee-Lo, Little Dragon, Sigur Ros, L.atasha A.lcindor, Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cudi, and Dmx. I don't know how we fitting all of them up there though but we'd make it work.

SXSW is around the corner and this isn’t your first time involved in a showcase. What are you looking forward to in Austin?

I'm looking forward to getting there and being around the good vibes with the people and having a good show. Austin has a great atmosphere and the positive energy I always get when I’m there is great.

You seem to stay away and not get involved in any of the bullshit or politics associated with the music industry. Would you agree with me?

Yea like I said I hate bullshitters, bullshit and all of it. I think the state of music is great in so many ways and bad in so many ways. Childish Gambino has a great album title because the internet is just the cause of everything right now. It's such a crazy ass concept, like when I started making music it was just tapes. I had my friends in school and I would burn cds and etc and pass them out, but when I first put music online I said "holy shit". I think being creative is actually cool again but I mean you have the people who don't care for it at all. As much as I sometimes hate that all of the music sounds the same with that flow and those drums and trap snare and etc, I can say that we do need a balance. Sometimes I wanna hear that shit,"All I Care About" by Chief Keef is one of my favorite songs right now. It's cool to have balance in music but me personally sometimes it goes either way for me. Sometimes it seems as people only wanna hear shit with bass and the same lines repeated for the whole song. When I made this song called Current I spoke on that subject and people thought I was trying to get into trap beats. Some of that shit just hits you though in a good way, but I do think its whack people try to limit you to one thing when they think that's all you do. I plan to release a film behind the song Current that goes deeper inside the concept of what people like to hear and why and the state of music.

What are your thoughts on the currents state of hip hop and rap?

I have my moment’s man when I’m just like FUCK ALL OF THIS SHIT. But their moments and usually when I have them I get a message from a fan and it almost as if they felt I was having a moment and wanted to lift me up. I don't really tell myself anything, it’s just a process and sometimes a faze that comes and goes. It's weird because this same question you’re asking me is what people tell me when they talk to me about their music. They tell me it helps them when their down and feel like they can't do anything and dude that shit is just so hard to put in words. I'm here making music expressing myself and its helping people get through shit and some of it is shit I sometimes have trouble getting through myself. Great things take time; I had someone tell me "yo man you should be popping way more than you are now".

That's just after a year and a half of being on blogs and etc, but what about all the work I did that didn't make it to a rap blog. Some people have expectations for you that they see and due to the internet people want things so instant. I was that nigga thinking like "ok if I just get on here and just drop mad music and do this and do that I’m gonna blow up". It's not like that though, and at least not for everyone and I don't wanna be around for a moment I wanna be remembered forever. My fans really help me through the journey though and I’m just excited for what's to come.

I don’t trust people who claim to know everything. What kind of person do you not trust?

A person that never keeps their word.

What are you working on now?

I'm currently working on visuals from Hope Is A Dangerous Thing, as well as the music for Track Fifteen. I'm also helping a artist out of Philly name Adam Lee on his project, and aside from that I’m just working on myself and growing.

We will link soon. I’m trying to make my way to Philly for a vacation sometime this year. I expect you to show me around. We will paint the town red. What are some key things to do when in your neck of the woods?

Stay safe, and make sure you hit up Victoria's Kitchen and get the fish platter it’s really good.

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