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An introduction to architecture program

Architecture program
Architecture program

Architecture school is a premiere institution where people used to learn different designs and different engineering aspects of constructional sites and monuments. The people here taught are termed as architects when they finish their respective courses. During the course, a student is taught arts and humanities, different communication skills and ultimately the process of critical thinking and analysis along with different creative aspects. So a person needs a well-round education from an established foundation to face the global challenges of this 21st century.

Architecture program

Professional degree

To get a professional career, student needs a perfect professional degree for a long term career span. Some cases, some of the people even enroll themselves in 3 year graduate programs due to their interest in the midst of another career. Anyway, it is not always too late to become an architect. Moreover, a student can get a professional degree course in 3 different ways. All these professional degrees demand similar minimal standards and basic education for the enrollment. These courses are as follows:

• 5 year program: this course is valid for the undergraduate students, i.e. the high school fresh passed students. Some courses have transit these programs, including the two year M.Arch syllabus.

• 4+2 program: this course provides 4 years of professional degree in architecture or environmental design followed by two years of master degree.

• 3 year graduate program (M.Arch or D.Arch): these disciplines are not considered as the advanced version of this stream. It is valid for the people who just want to be an architect in the midst of their other running careers.

Professional accreditation

As a matter of subject, the academies hold the accreditation of major boards like NABA (National architectural accrediting board) or from CACB (Canadian certificate board) all over the U.S.A and Canada. As per this board accreditation all the universities and schools hold a representative form of the architecture profession and a wide covering syllabus and symbolize the genuineness of the institution.

Program variation of this course
Although different universities and schools hold the same syllabus in U.S.A and Canada, but every institution has their additional directions to this course. They are as follows:

• Most of the schools provide different international travel programs to explore the young minds and this opportunity is open to other school students also.

• Some schools have exchange-programs with the international schools where the student can participate in the relevant events.

• Every year individual faculty develops a variety of international summer programs.

• Some of the schools work with the regional professionals to formulate a better job placement opportunities in the market.

• Most of the schools are any how engaged in any kind of professional architecture firms and students are allowed there to work as intern’s graduates before finalizing their entire course.

• A few numbers of highly valued institutions design their course in such a way that students can earn their degree, even they work as a full time employer.

• Nowadays a number of institutions have arranged their courses in such a way that it covers design-build studio experiences.

So if you are thinking of any high valued institutions, first research well or ask to your seniors before bumping into any kinds of decisions. These are a schematic knowledge of the insight of the architecture program, hopefully it might enlighten you.

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