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An intimate conversation with singer/songwriter Jade De LaFleur

Jade De LaFleur Interview
Jade De LaFleur Interview
Jade, Chris

A founding member of the now obsolete T-Pain managed female group Sophia Fresh, Jade De LaFleur is starting a fresh career as a solo artist and moved to New York City to do so. Since moving to the city, Jade explains that the city has opened up her eyes to reality. After hearing her solo EP Jaded, I knew I had to get her full story and what a story it is. Read all about Miss LaFleur's life so far, her EP 'Jaded' and the future of her music in an intimate interview.

How long has music been a part of your life?

Music has Always Been a part of me. My earliest memory with music is when my cousin and I would entertain my family EVERY SUNDAY with choreographed routines after rummaging through my grandmothers vinyl collection.

When did it start to get serious for you?

During high school I began competing vocally ...locally and nationally; so id have to say in high school.

Your EP "Jaded" deserves an award. How did you put that project together?

Wow. Thank you very much! Shortly after my move to NY, I began keeping a written and recorded journal documenting my experiences, surroundings and thoughts. After I realized what and how much I had to say, they then took on a sonic form.

Who was involved in your studio sessions when recording that project?

The Page Brothers and Corey "Chorus" Gibson went every step of the way with me. My good friends James Fauntleroy, Kafele Bandele (trumpet), Brady Watt(Bass), and Doug Smith(Percussion) were heavily involved as well.

What direction are you headed musically?

It's never really pre-planned for me. I really just do what feels right. I speak my life's language.

Do you have a go to album that you can listen to at any time to feel good?

Sade- Love Deluxe

You were a part of the group Sophie Fresh. Was T-Pain the mastermind behind this group? Will the crew move forward in the future?

Sophia Fresh! My loves! We had been together for a while before meeting and signing with T Pain. But shortly after we met, he executively produced our project through Atlantic Records. What good is a beautifully wrapped gift if you already know what's in it? :)

Is it easier to be involved in a group or stay solo?

Both has their pros & cons.

I read that moving to New York opened up your eyes to reality? What did you mean by that?

I experienced so many different aspects of life that I had never before experienced and faced a new life everyday (some good days, mostly bad) while simultaneously going through extremely challenging changes. But it's NY and everybody is dealing with "something"... So I kept it pushing & wore a "don't worry be happy" face. It was the darkest period I ever encountered but I realized it was just "reality", and I hadn't truly met her previously.

What are the differences between Louisiana and New York musically?

They're very similar in the sense that the music helps people to survive. The music in the city and the stories of the musicians are the hearts of the city.

What are you currently working on? Any Features?

Experiencing life, drawing inspiration from it and enjoying the journey. My life should be a feature... A feature film.

If you could have your next album produced by 1 single person who would it be?

Salaam Remi.

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