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An Interview with T.O.N.E.Z

Emmy-nominated T.O.N.E.Z shared time on Friday to cover a plethora of topics - "Justified", his new album, "Fog of War", his background history and even the possibility of Carmelo Anthony staying in New York.

Examiner met with T.O.N.E.Z in VA as he promotes his new album "Fog of War"
E.F. Orencia/Samsung
An Interview with T.O.N.E.Z

T.O.N.E.Z, the Emmy- nominated New York rapper from FX’s “Justified” visited Hampton Roads last week and found time in his busy schedule to grant an interview with The interview went so well that I will not bore you with extraneous and redundant detail and will simply direct you to the attached video (please click on play icon to your left).

Please go to T.O.N.E.Z’s Facebook page at:

His official website is at:

"We aint promised tomorrow--I'm living now, dog
I'm walking through life. but yo my feet hurt
All my blessings are fed, man I'll rest when I'm dead
Look through my eyes and see the real world
Take a walk with me, have a talk with me
Where we end up--god only knows
Strap your boots on tight you might be alright"

"Long Hard Times to Come By" Theme song of "Justified" by T.O.N.E.Z

Special thanks to Erman Baradi who arranged the interview.

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