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An Interview with sensational Brazilian actress Marilia Colturato!

Actress Marilia Colturato
Marilia Colturato

I recently had the chance to sit down and interview the incredible Brazilian actress Marilia Colturato who has starred in countless award-winning films and international theater productions. Take a look at the interview below to find out more about this beautiful star.

PL: Where are you from?

MC: I am from Brazil. I was born in a small city in the southeastern region of Brazil known as Botucatu, but I grew up in Jaú, São Paulo.

PL: Can you tell us a little bit about some of film and television projects you’ve done?

MC: I’ve been in a lot of films over the past few years including the crime film Mao Winters P.I. where I play the role of Mao Winters, a psychic private investigator, the

Sci-fi noir film Anton, the fantasy film Living in Berlinda, as well as the film Young Americans, and the historical drama Nat, which focuses on the slave rebellion led by Nat Turner in Virginia on August 21, 1831.

PL: You get approached all the time to work on projects with people, what makes you pick one role over another?

MC: I always try to pick the roles that I know will challenge me. I tend to choose characters and situations that are very far away from my reality.

PL: Can you list some of the theatre projects you've participated in up until now, and the roles you’ve played?

MC: So far I have performed in over 15 theatre productions. Some of my projects in Los Angeles include Anton Chekhov’s Wild Honey, Annie Baker’s Circle Mirror Transformation, Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus, A Vaudeville, and many more. In Brazil I have starred in the productions of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Molière‘s The Bourgeois Gentleman, Nelson Rodrigues’s Boca de Ouro, Ingmar Bergman’s Autumn Sonata, as well as others.

PL: How do you feel about the characters you’ve played, and of them, which one has been your favorite role?

MC:I have a very special relationship with them all, so it’s really hard to choose just one. I am a really big fan of Shakespeare’s works, so I would have to say Tamora, from Titus Andronicus, A Vaudeville. She’s an extremely strong character, and I love the fact that her personality is so far away from my own. I love challenging myself to transform 100% when I am acting so the more different the character, the better.

Also I’d have to say one of my favorite roles has been Puck from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I simply love the energy of the play and it was one of the first characters I performed in my life. The journey into becoming the character was just magical.

PL: As for genre, what is your favorite?

MC: I am very eclectic. It’s always a pleasure playing any genre, but I love comedy.

PL: What separates you from other actors?

MC: I consider myself an artist. I work for myself, for the art and for the people. Since I started acting at the age of ten, I have worked and studied non-stop to keep improving my craft. I demand a lot from myself in order to keep growing everyday as both a person and an artist. I didn’t choose acting, it chose me, and to be honest I can’t breathe without it.

PL: What would you say your strongest qualities as an actor are?

MC: I love going to extremes. I always give my best effort in my work so I can be satisfied with what I am doing. I think my strongest qualities as an actress are the love and passion I have for the craft.

PL: What projects do you have coming up?

MC: I just started rehearsals for a children’s play I’m doing called Medio Pollito. It is a Spanish folktale that we will be performing at libraries across Los Angeles. I’m also working on a promo for a new VH1 show next week.

PL: What kind of acting training and education have you underwent?

MC: In Brazil I graduated in one of the most prestigious drama schools in the country, Celia Helena Teatro Escola, a three-year Conservatory. In United States I studied at New York Film Academy, and recently graduated from the Stella Adler Academy of Acting. I’d also consider the fact that I’ve performed in several community theaters as a form of training as well. Besides acting, I also graduated from a Visual Arts University (Faap - Sao Paulo) where I received a bachelor's degree.

PL: Why is acting your passion and chosen profession?

MC: I’ve always had the interest, but I didn't always know what it was. Since I was a child I wanted to be a bit of everything. I used to watch movies and dress up like the characters, and then I would act like that particular character for a couple of days. Then I realized that being an actress I could "live many lives". When I was ten years old I stared acting at a theatre company. Since then I have never stopped. I would say my relationship with acting is something bigger than passion; it’s part of my soul.

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