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An interview with Lucinda Jubb from 'Freedom Dance'.

Lucy Jubb on set with director Alan Brown
Lucy Jubb on set with director Alan Brown
cta 2014

Actress Lucinda Jubb talks about her lead role as Susan in the Alan Brown film 'Freedom Dance', coming out in Winter 2014.

You just finished filming the production of Freedom Dance, how did this come about?

I had always wanted to do a British Mob/Gangster Film and when the opportunity arose to audition for Alan's film I took him up on it and was lucky enough to land the lead role of Susan.

How was it working with the director?

Alan is very hands on and really helped us see his vision for the film, which enabled us to feel confident with what we brought to the camera.Working with him was such a wonderful experience, and I was very lucky to work with him again on his next project, 'Minnitts of Anabeg'.

Tell us about the role you played?

Susan's character shared something we all have had experienced at some point, and that was, desire. Her character shows the dangerous side of when desire can spiral out of control taking over ones self morals and controlling us in every way till we get what we want. Each and every move is calculated, losing all sight of what is really going on around her. But then she falls in love, and this pulls her back into line.

How did you prepare for the role?

I've been there defiantly, but not to this extreme. In order for me to live this character and understand her extreme nature, I took my most wanted desire and made it that upmost important objective to every action and thought I had. I consumed myself based around getting this. Each scene and line was provoked towards Susan getting to her final place. So constantly having that in mind it began to naturally take me into my character.

What was one of your favorite experiences working on 'Freedom Dance'?

The story has such an energy to it and this really came out on set.

What would you like audiences to take away with them after seeing the film?

The film is fast pace, with a rhythm. It shows how quickly life can twist and turn. Its set out to entertain the audience, take them on an adventure out of the 'ordinary' pace of life. We want them to feel excited and have a rush! If our audience feels that then we know we've made a connection with them.

When can we expect to see 'Freedom Dance' released?

Winter 2014

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