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An Interview with Hillsong's Worship Leader, David Ware

Hillsong Worship's No Other Name Tour
Hillsong Worship's No Other Name Tour

Hillsong Worship will return to Baltimore this Friday, August 15th at 7pm at the Baltimore Arena, located at 201 West Baltimore Street. Recently, the Baltimore Gospel Music Examiner sat down with Hillsogn's Worship Leader, David Ware to discuss the No Other Name CD and the subsequent No Other Name Tour.

Baltimore Gospel Music Examiner: Tell us about the inspiration behind the No Other Name CD?

David Ware: We have a group of some amazing song writers who write not only from their personal devotion but from the heart beat of our Church through the seasons we are in and the messages our senior Pastor, Brian, shares with the church. About 6 months ago we saw a common theme in the songs being brought to Church really focusing on the power of the name of Jesus and once Joel Houston brought No Other Name (our title track) to the table I guess that solidified the overall direction of this album. We are so happy with the outcome and the countless hours our musicians, writers & engineers poured into this has really made it a labour of love.

Baltimore Gospel Music Examiner: What are your favorite songs on the CD?

David Ware: I have to say ‘This I Believe’ would be one of my favorites. Just the statement of faith it declares and what we are believing it to do amongst the greater Church in unifying us under what we have in common… It’s a big thought and a powerful one too. I personally cannot wait to see how God further uses this song.

Baltimore Gospel Music Examiner: How has response been to the No Other Name tour so far?

David Ware: The response to our upcoming tour has been really great. It’s actually really exciting! As always, we are overwhelmed by the amount of people who ask us to come to cities we haven’t been to yet and even the amount of people who travel over 10 hours to spend one night of worship with us. It reminds us that God really is doing a great thing within His church and we simply have the honor of being a part of that.

Baltimore Gospel Music Examiner: What can attendees expect when they come to the show on August 15th?

David Ware: It definitely isn’t a concert or show, but in saying that we absolutely don’t hold back in making it a spectacular experience. I feel like in the ages before us, God’s people have shown with great extravagance, their love for Him. We use big sound, lights and arenas to express our love for God where previous generations would have used stained-glass windows, great cathedrals, beautiful temples and monuments… These worship nights are our stained-glass windows – extravagantly telling the story of our great God and expressing our love for Him.

Baltimore Gospel Music Examiner: What songs do you look forward to performing live?

David Ware: We really can’t wait for people to hear and join in with our new songs. There’s a new lease of life that comes into the atmosphere when we as believers sing the new song. We also love singing some of our favorite anthems from past albums. It’s really hard to choose one.

Baltimore Gospel Music Examiner: What is next for Hillsong Worship for the rest of 2014 heading into 2015?

David Ware: We have always been about one thing – Building God’s church. So we will continue to resource the church with new expressions of worship and use what He has placed in our hands to do just that. So, stay tuned because our best is really ahead of us, or at least we believe that God always has our best in front of us.

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