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An interview with Avon Global Stylist Advisor and celebrity hair stylist, Tippi Shorter


Recently Tippi Shorter, Avon Global Stylist Advisor and celebrity hair stylist for stars such as Beyonce, Jada Pinkett- Smith and Vanessa Williams, came through Houston last month to promote the launch of Avon's Frizz Control Lotus Shield Anti-Frizz Treatment.

According to the Avon website, the products acts "Like a lotus leaf repels water, our breakthrough lotus-inspired technology defies up to 97% humidity. Keeps hair smooth and well-behaved for 3 days. Bad weather is no longer the enemy." 

Sound like a pretty amazing product, right? Well in conjunction with Cosmopolitan and Avon, Tippi Shorter ventured on the Frizz Free Revolution tour to promote the product and perform live demonstrations.

With the tour wrapping up today in New York, she took some time to answer  a few questions. Read below for her expert tips and tricks and to hear more about Avon's Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield.

What distinguishes Avon’s frizz-free products from others on the market? 

Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield is unlike any other frizz product on the market.  The inspiration of the product is unlike anything I’ve seen before in an anti-frizz product.  The formula was developed to mimic the lotus leaf, which maintains its beauty in water and repels moisture.  Lotus Shield eliminates frizz instantly and after using for one week, eliminates frizz for up to three days. 

What do you recommend as a "go-to" hairstyle or regimen on a particularly humid day in Houston?

My #1 suggestion to women everywhere is to NOT fight your natural texture.  Whether you have curly, wavy or straight hair, work with your natural texture and make the most of it.  If it is unbelievably hot (which it is quite often in Houston), opt for a chic bun.  During the day, wear your hair in a high bun that sits towards the back of the top of the head.  At night, take the bun lower and off-centered to create a sexier style while still keeping cool. 

How did you start working with Avon?

I started working with Avon a couple of years ago when Avon was shooting Jennifer Hudson’s fragrance advertisement.  I started chatting with a few people from Avon about working together and then it lead to my position as Avon Global Stylist Advisor for Advance Techniques. 

What are your top 3 tips to maintain healthy hair? 

My three tips are simple: 

1. Go for regular trims 

2. Don’t overstyle your hair with tools 

3. Give yourself regular treatments 

What is the best style for Summer and Fall? 

My favorite style is sleek hair – any season! When you start with a smooth, sleek, frizz-free base, you can build any style from there.  It is one of the most versatile bases to start with. 

Many thanks to Avon Global Stylist Advisor Tippi Shorter for spending the time to answer. For more information on Avon's Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield, please visit the Avon website and to read more about Tippi Shorter's successful career visit her personal website. And of course for general guidance on fashion, beauty and relationships visit the Comopolitan website.


  • Stepanie 4 years ago

    Thank you, I will definitely want to try this product especially with this weather.

  • Leila 4 years ago

    Hooray, finally a product that will keep my hair from looking like a mop. THANK YOU!!!

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