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An interview with assemblage jewelry artist Ingrid Anderson

Ingrid Anderson of Newark, Delaware, creates new jewelry from old pieces of different eras. She finds her inspiration from memories of her great grandmother as well as art deco, art nouveau and nature.

assemblage and mixed media necklace
Ingrid Anderson

What do you make?
I create repurposed vintage assemblage and mixed media jewelry.

What do you like about being a creative person?

My life is enriched and stimulated by my jewelry making. I enjoy the process of creating a new piece, starting with the hunt for vintage elements, which are the raw materials, to the completed piece. It is truly exciting giving a new “life” to an old piece that is no longer being used.

What are the drawbacks?

The frustration of an idea not turning out as envisioned or others not understanding the vision I had for a particular piece.

Where do you find your raw materials?

Antique stores and flea markets here in the US and in Europe.

How do you alter or change the items to make it an original work?

When using vintage components the pieces are not altered but they are combined with other vintage elements in a unique way. Many of the vintage pieces I find are inherently unique elements. At times I will paint, hammer, heat or cut new elements and then combine them with the vintage components. I combine these modern and vintage elements into my pieces.

Do you use any special processes in your work?

I do some metal work, stamped solder, colorizing and resin work. I am guided by the shape, size, texture and color of the unique raw materials.

Are you influenced by trends, other artists or movements? If so how?

I do not follow trends but keep myself informed by reading about jewelry and fashion and by studying the art nouveau, art deco and arts and crafts movements.

Do you do anything else besides making art?

I am a former highs school science instructor and now a stay at home mom and a small business owner.

Why should people buy handmade items?

I believe that handmade items are created as a result of love, passion, and focused dedication. The actual touch of the artist’s hands, personal, focused and loving involvement make the products unique. You are buying quality merchandise made with attention to detail and you are supporting a small business owner and not a large corporation.

Where can your work be found?

Online at my etsy shop
Bloom on Main Street in Newark, DE and Steel Peech, 201 N High St., Village on High, Cottage F, Millville, NJ.

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