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An interview with a future electronic legend: Beshken

interview artwork beshken
interview artwork beshken
beshken, ihate_chris

Welcome to the future featuring Beshken, a young producer with a very advanced musical ear. His music is inspired by some of the greatest alive and a few of the most buzzing artists out in the world right now. One day he will be selling out venues, but for now you can get a jump start on his amazing mixes and original compositions. His soundcloud is flourishing with gems and his Eventide EP has been played repeatedly on my ipod since it was released back in November. Learn more about Beshken and his music in my exclusive interview below.

How exactly did you get started making music?

I guess I started making tracks about 2 years ago or so. I wasn’t super serious about it. To be honest, it was sort of me fiddling around on Ableton with just a laptop and shitty headphones. I can remember the first stuff I was making was really inspired by techno/dubstep kind of stuff and I was just using some weird preset sounds and drum loops. Actually, haha, I’m sure like a lot of people I started out working on garageband and realized how limiting of a program it was when I started wanting to make my music more customizable. I also wanted to start djing around that time so Ableton seemed like a good platform for creation and performance. It just kind of took off from there; I became super inspired by the “music world,” and I got super into watching YouTube tutorials and became literally glued to my computer.

You are a part of the Futures Collective. How did you link with them and why did you decide to join their team?

My friend Nick actually showed me Hobbes (the guy who started Futures) around a year ago and his stuff seemed so deep and thoughtful, like you were literally walking through a forest and hearing the nature sounds, that sort of thing. Sadly, he doesn’t make music under Hobbes anymore, but I make beats with him all the time now. I’m pretty sure that I hit him up on facebook because he had a lot of mutual friends of mine, and he was talking to me about playing shows and whatever, and eventually he asked me to release a track on the Futures vol. 2 compilation last summer. We met up, kicked it, and it turned out that we really liked each other, so we started making some stuff together. To be honest, every single dude on Futures is just a great guy, and most of them actually live in LA, besides like Female and a few other guys on the compilations. What’s tight about it is that we’re all around the same age, in high school, and we all make beats. It’s hard to find that sort of collection of people in other cities.

Your Eventide EP is an amazing project. What would the synopsis of the EP be if you had to put it in words?

An eerie night, preceded by a party. It starts off kind of happy and upbeat with Trust Me, but that’s like being at a party and having a good time, hanging out with your friends, maybe you’re a little tipsy but I don’t know you. But then you leave the party, and it turns into sort of a self-realizing adventure, but its super open to interpretation.

The artwork to Eventide is dark and eerie as shit. I love it, but what does it all mean?

My friend Griffin Pion actually took the photo, it’s somewhere up in the hills overlooking the ocean but you can’t see much because of the lighting. I just got this dark and eerie vibe from all of the tracks and I feel like the photo sort of encapsulates the feeling I had at the time. It just works with the tracks well.

Do you feel that school interferes with making music and your creative process?

It can, but I definitely always find time to work on music even if I have a ton of stuff to do. It really helps me get out of the stressful mindset that school puts me in, and I can actually have my most creative moments after I’ve done a lot of work because my mind has been deprived of music for so long and it almost craves production.

List the music you would listen to when feeling these emotions (happy, sad, mad, etc).

Happy - Anything Soulection, Arcade Fire, Sango, Disclosure, Flume, Urban Cone, Penthouse Penthouse, Snakehips, Flylo, Lake Len

Sad - Mura Masa, Charles Murdoch, Alt-J (for any emotion actually), SBTRKT, Bearcubs, Party Time

Inspired - Flylo, Bondax, Ta-ku, Chrome Sparks, Wave Racer, M. Constant, Kaytranada, STWO

Who are you planning on working with this year (if anyone)?

I’m trying to get in the studio with Zack Sekoff, we both have really busy schedules though, he’s going to college next year and I’m stuck in the middle of my junior year of High School, but it will happen :). I’m also working on this rap EP with my dudes Leven Kali and Louis King, but that’s still in the works. For the most part, I’m really trying to work on Beshken as a solo project and hyping that up a lot.

What are your top 3 albums you have heard in your far?

At number 3 I’d probably give a tie to Flume - Flume and Chrome Sparks - Sparks EP. I was listening to both of these records at the same time and they literally blew my mind when I first heard them. In second place I would probably chose Arcade Fire - The Suburbs just because I fucking love Arcade Fire’s sound and I come from a guitar/rock background. My favorite album of all time would definitely have to be Shlohmo - Bad Vibes because it is really what inspired me to start producing, and the whole album works together so perfectly and precisely and beautifully. It’s hard to put into words but it’s an incredible piece of art.

Are you working on a debut album? What is it sounding like?

Oh man I keep thinking about it but I keep putting it off. I enjoy making remixes and singles a lot, and I’m also still trying to find my sound, especially because I experiment with so many different genres. Once I develop a specific sound that I want the album to possess, I think that’s when I’ll start working on an LP. Both of my EP’s just started off as a bunch of songs that I made separately and I thought sounded kind of similar, so I compiled them into an EP.

Do you have a tour scheduled this year?

Nope. I don’t even have a management or someone to help me plan that sort of thing yet, haha. I would totally tour during summer; that would definitely be the dream.

What is the wildest show or party you have played?

I dj a lot of house parties with a few of my dj pals, and some of those have been pretty cool. One time I even dj’d a party with a snow machine, that was pretty hype, but like it was also kind of weird because it was super annoying when the fake snow got on you. It made you feel uncomfortable and exposed. But yeah I guess that was pretty fun.

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