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An interview with 100 Monkeys (Video)


100 Monkeys - Hi-Tone Cafe - Memphis, TN  From left to right Lawrence Abrams "Uncle Larry", Jackson Rathbone, Jerad Anderson, Ben Graupner and Ben Johnson and Guss

With a unique sound that is very hard to categorize, 100 Monkeys proved to Memphis that their band has true talent. During their performance last Wednesday at the Hi-Tone Cafe, the band members demonstrated how diverse they are by playing an assortment of instruments and taking turns at showing off their vocal abilities. This band definitely knows how to entertain!

So truthfully, being a vampire/Twilight enthusiast, I bought my ticket to hear 100 Monkeys for the first time mainly to see Jackson Rathbone. After speaking to several of the fans in the crowd, it was evident that I wasn’t the only one there for that reason. But, although there was a plethora of Twilight maniacs in the crowd, some with hopes of having their Twilight books autographed and others there just to get a glimpse of their favorite vampire character, there were many true 100 Monkeys fans in the building too.

Before the show I was told that I would be able to interview the band and I must say that this turned out to be one of the kindest, and most generous bands I’ve come in contact with. Willing to pose for pictures and sign autographs after the show when they were extremely exhausted just to please their fans is above and beyond in my opinion. (I wish they could have witnessed the three extremely happy little girls who received those autographs the next day!) It not only amazed me that a band with this much celebrity status would be without an entourage of security, but that the fans allowed them to walk through the crowd and stay in an unlocked backstage room without fear of being mobbed.

The interview consisted of just a few quick questions before the guys had to perform and I found out the following facts. The band got together about three years ago starting with Jackson and Ben G. who were high school roommates.  Jackson met Uncle Larry while filmingDaZe. Their influences are the bands they play with and meet on their tour.  They have a live album coming out on July 20th.  Jackson and Jerad produced the movie Girlfriend and act in it as well. Their close friend, Spencer Bell, passed away four years ago from adrenal cancer and the band will be a part of The Spencer Bell Legacy Concert on April 24th in Dallas, Texas.

For those of you who know me, you know that I'm an eighties hair band girl, but enjoy most all kinds of music. So, I eagerly waited to hear the sound of 100 Monkeys wondering if I would enjoy or dislike this different style of music. And yes, I enjoyed the concert immensely! I bought the CD and have a brand new respect for this band. I am now a true 100 Monkeys fan. Oh, and the group of people that came with me to the concert says to tell the giant banana that he’s a great dance partner!

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Sorry about the video quality. It is really hard to video while being pushed and shoved in a crowd. Plus, it is a little dark.

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