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An interplanetary congress: More leaders for ‘Civilization: Beyond Earth’ reveal

Commander Rejinaldo of Brazil, one of the faction leaders in Civilization: Beyond Earth
Commander Rejinaldo of Brazil, one of the faction leaders in Civilization: Beyond Earth
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Little by little, Firaxis is revealing more of the leaders that will be representing humanity in the far future. Told through meeting records, political addresses, letters to family, and the recollections of investigative journalists, Firaxis has introduced and gave some insight into the character behind Samatar Jama Barre of the People’s African Union, Daoming Sochua of the Pan-Asian Cooperative, Kavitha Thakur of the Kavithan Protectorate, and Commander Rejinaldo Leonardo Pedro Bolivar de Alcenar-Araripe of Brasilia/Brazil… who will be called “Commander Rejinaldo” for the rest of the article.

The patriotic Commander Rejinaldo leads Brazil’s nationalistic Seeding efforts, taking a military expedition off into the unknown in his country’s name. In his address to the men and women chosen for Brazil’s Seeding expedition, he stresses the notion that the mission is a one-way trip before giving modern gamers a brief glimpse into the nation Brazil has become in Beyond Earth’s vision of the future as well as some of the faction’s capabilities. In addition to obviously possessing superior combat training as befitting the very best of a nation that has become quite active militarily since the Great Mistake, Rejinaldo specifically mentions his expedition learning things about manufacturing and operating without established supply lines, the kind of skills an expedition to an alien planet would need. Fans of Alpha Centauri, meet the new Spartans and perhaps the most blatantly obvious candidates for Beyond Earth’s Purity doctrine.

Kavitha Thakur, daughter of the founder of the Kavithan Protectorate, leads the impoverished nation of India and its neighbors and is perhaps the only leader not really described. Her story is told from the perspective of a religious skeptic turned… confused. With the fallout of the ambiguous, world-changing Great Mistake apparently occurring right on India’s doorstep, the Kavithan Protectorate rose up as a sprawling theocratic order (though ‘cult’ would perhaps be equally accurate) with its eyes firmly fixed skyward and its heart focused on finding a new home amongst the stars for its people. At the end, the question of just who Kavitha Thakur really is remains unanswered. Is she the ultimate con artist, putting on a show that rivaled any organized religion or cult before her, or some kind of reborn Mother Theresa, using religion as a force to rally her country into constructing the grandest wonder? The writer doesn’t know and isn’t entirely sure if he even cares so long as the project continues. Apparently Sister Miriam of the Lord’s Believers has just been successfully outdone.

Dr. Daoming Sochua of the Pan Asian Cooperative, a hegemony of virtually every major Asian nation in the modern world. The Great Mistake had consumed much of Asia, forcing former enemies to put aside their differences and become one nation out of shattered fragments. Frustrated with the inactivity of her peers, she leads an expedition in PAC’s name herself, bringing a considerable amount of scientific expertise to the game, particularly in the field of energy research. Coldly clinical and stubborn in her belief that humanity must spread across the stars to be a viable species; she makes a possible candidate for the Supremacy philosophy of transhumanism.

Meanwhile, Samatar Jama Barre of the People’s African Union brings a relaxed attitude that harkens back to aspects of the UN Peacekeepers of Alpha Centauri. In a letter to his brother, Samatar apologizes for selling out the riches of Africa one last time, one last time to get Africa the expertise it needs to build its own seeding ship. What follows is perhaps the most interesting and yet straightforward look on the Purity philosophy. While undoubtedly a pacifist, it is also clear that Barre has teeth. For Civilization fans familiar with the running gag of Gandhi discovering a psychotic streak once India develops nuclear weapons, this guy is for you.

The Franco-Iberians, lead by Elodie, is a culture-focused faction. For those not familiar with Civilization 5, culture is the rate cities acquire new territory tiles. Elodie’s preface in the book of “Canon” reveals a philosophical character and her meditations on the human condition in of all things, the fine arts. Are certain aspects of humanity defined by living on Earth or are they apart of us no matter where we go? This is one question she postulates to the reader. Much like Dr. Sochua of PAC, Elodie appears to be one of the leaders that does not have an immediate analog to Alpha Centauri. Ultimately this is a good thing, as it forces developers to make groups for the player that are more morally complex then “do you agree with this group’s guiding philosophy? Yes/no.” Elodie’s prose is powerfully thought provoking, yet there is something darkly implied by how she closes her preface.

And there you have it, presently five out of eight of the Beyond Earth civilizations have been revealed. According to Apolyton’s Civ wiki, the two factions left to be revealed are Polystralia lead by Hutama, and General Kozlov’s Slavic Federation. More on them when information becomes available

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