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An Interesting Paranormal Gadget: The Ghost Box or Spirit Box

The Ghost Box or Spirit Box, is a Paranormal gadget that scans airwaves of different radio station frequencies. The signals are sent out and plucked like strings by the spirits. A spirit can use certain parts of speech and words to create a string of vocabulary to create sentences.

A Ghost Box or Spirit Box has been used by many paranormal investigators, who are investigating a haunted place. This device adds another way for spirits to communicate to the living. In some cases a spirit will not be able to use a EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) device. The Ghost or Spirit Box gives them extra ease to communicate. The Ghost or Spirit Box also is much clearer to understand than an EVP. EVPs usually have to be cleaned unless the paranormal researcher gets a Class A EVP, meaning a voice that is loud and easy to decipher without a means of a software. The other advantage to the Ghost or Spirit Box is the ability to get a response to a question on the spot. EVPs have to be rewound and played back to hear the response if the researcher even got one.

A paranormal enthusiast can get their hands on one of these Ghost Boxes online for various prices from different sites.

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