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An Interesting Message on Rome


As always, for your discernment: (1)

"Oh yea, days of sorrow have begun, for there is a time for everything under the sun. I, Yahweh, allow all, for I am the creator of all, seen and unseen.

"Man holds tightly unto self-made religions for money flows from the hands of religious leaders and branches of government; all are joining as one.

"Oh, yea, my son, Yeshua, came to break the strongholds of religious spirit. The power and control is a guiding force.

"Oh, yea, how they love to be greeted with honor and praise amongst the people. All power, I say, all power to control the masses! And so it shall be.

"It is forewarned in the Holy Word, "There shall be no gods before me." Yet, they worship man and statues and they kiss a ring—a ring of death.

"I have given free will unto all. Knowledge and wisdom are easily found if one were only to seek. Yea, they seek not.

"A leader is rising out of Rome. Beware; do not be deceived. His charismatic charm will entice the people as false hope and promises foretold.

"Rome! Oh, Rome, with churches made of gold, rubies and wood. Oh how they fill the churches with a spell cast over them! Money exchangers fill the temples to gain riches for the elite. Nothing is new under the sun.

"The scrolls forewarned long ago of the ruler's intent, yet blindly, the sheep follow, worshipping and bowing before mere men. Their fate has been sealed, long ago.

"Watch, oh ye saints! Those who are true followers of Yeshua, who bow before no one but only I, the great I AM, watch, I say, for the rise of the leader from Rome.

"Not only will he gather the churches, but governments, too. For manmade power has always resided in Rome.
Be wise, oh ye saints, for a great deception is about to fall.

"Stand firm in me, your God, for the days of sorrow have begun.

"To all those I have called to pastor, to lead the flock, repent this day! False doctrines are spreading as wildfires throughout the land.

"America! You have fallen for the great lie. Repent now! Whom I have called to stand at the pulpit, to preach salvation unto all, stand still where I have assigned you.

"Your desires for fame will be your demise, for I shall strip you of your calling and shame shall follow you. I, Yahweh, did not call my shepherds to fly here and there, for I have appointed others to where you fly.

"Oh, woe unto you as you drain the tithes and offerings to succumb to your own worldly desires. Oh yea, take care of where I have placed you.

"Feed the poor, clothe the children without fathers. Pray with the sick; shelter those with no roof over their heads.

"I command you this day to stop your selfish greed for fame. Much has been given unto you and much will be taken away, if you do not heed this day.

"The churches are like Hollywood, all actors on stage, playing a part. Repent, now!

"All, I say, all have been called to the great commission. Walk as the disciples did. Great power was given unto them for they were filled with the Holy Spirit of all truth.

"Oh yea, people were healed by merely touching a robe, or a shadow passing by. They walked in great authority given them, in humility and honor.

"Where can I find such authority today? Nowhere, I say, all consumed with prosperity and fame, creating a marketplace in the temples of worship.

"With one breath, I will collapse your walls. Repent, repent, repent!

"Prepare for a mighty earthquake in the southern part of America. Do you not see the earth is mourning?

"The megachurch in the south will be brought to ruin for leading my people astray. Your false doctrine, your lies, will be unveiled for all to see.

"I hear the prayers, the pleas to not put forth judgment on America. Oh yea, I hear the pleas, yet I look and all I see is hypocrites, gossiping and backbiting your fellow man.

"Oh yea, the days of sorrow have begun. For those who say they serve I, Jehovah, do nothing to help those less fortunate. Your faith is weak.

"Oh yea, you say, "My God will supply all my needs," yet you give not to those in hunger, fearing you shall not have enough. Oh, double-minded hypocrites!

"Speedily, destruction will be increasing, for judgment is at hand. Turn now from your wickedness. I, the creator of all, will give back what you have given. Accountability is at each door.

"Arise, go forth, be soldiers running the race. Seek me always; put nothing before me, for I am a jealous God.

"Love is the seal that will bind all. Arise, now."

This message was accompanied by a vision of a tremendous explosion in northern Texas. This will be a manmade explosion to destroy crops and will stir up a great earthquake of at least a six or seven in magnitude.

Lord Jesus, crucified, have mercy on us.


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