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An inside look at Paris Hilton's new single "Come Alive" and upcoming projects

Paris Hilton releases her single "Come Alive"
Paris Hilton releases her single "Come Alive"
Young Money, Cash Money Billionaires

Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Paris Hilton about her new single “Come Alive,” an upbeat and catchy dance song, which just came out on iTunes on July 8, as well as some other upcoming projects that she’s working on. The interview follows:

What was it like working with the Young Money, Cash Money Billionaires label?

I love being part of the label, I have so much respect for them...Birdman, Lil Wayne... all of them are really close friends of mine. I love being part of that family. It’s a lot of fun. And I loved working with Mr. Beats. He’s a really talented producer. We worked together in Miami. As soon as he played me the beat, I knew I loved the song and I just started writing the words to it immediately. So it was a great fit to put me and him together as a team to work together.

In terms of your new single, “Come Alive,” I know you were inspired by the feelings of being in love. Was it based on something you personally experienced or something in general?

When I was writing the song, I wanted to do a song about love so I was just thinking about when you’re in love and that feeling and how it just makes you come alive basically and feel amazing and happy. Basically, the whole song is about that feeling. I think a lot of people relate to it because everyone in their life has been in love before, hopefully, and when they listen to the words of the song, I think that’s how people feel, for sure.

I heard you filmed the music video, which is set to release next week, in a magical field. Did you film it in the US or abroad?

Yes, I filmed it in CE Valley. It’s a huge property in the middle of nowhere, but it was perfect for the video. It looks really just dreamy and beautiful.

In addition to “Come Alive,” you have the single “High Off My Love” featuring Birdman, coming out this winter. What do you hope fans get out of the new singles you’re coming out with?

I always like to give my fans something new and different. “Good Time” was just a very fun party song and then this song now is a little bit more serious- different subject. And the next song is very sexy. So I want just to have something for everyone. I wrote all the songs on the album so I think when people listen to them, they can tell that they’re written by me.

I know you’re going to Ibiza soon to do a residency based on the success of last year. What excites you about that?

I’m really excited about that...playing at Amnesia is such an honor because only the biggest and the best Djs get to play there so really happy that they signed me on again for a second year as the resident DJ because last year was so successful for them that they’re really excited for me to come back this year. I can’t wait because it’s my favorite place in the world to have fun and party. I can’t wait to perform my songs from my new album there this summer. It’s gonna be crazy...I’m playing in different countries almost every day the month of August so I’ll be on a jet every single day flying to a new show. So it’s going a be a lot of stress and a lot of work, but it’ll be a good time.

What's next for you? Are you working on other new things?

I have my 17 product lines so every day I’m working on new styles and new fashion for each one of those lines. My 17th fragrance- we just shot the campaign for that. It’s gonna launch in a few months. That’s gonna be amazing. I can’t believe I already have 17’s pretty crazy. I just opened my first real estate property in the Philippines and now we’re under construction for the second one. I’m going to be doing those all around the world as well as [continuing with] my music and writing a new book [on dating advice], another TV project, and producing.

Paris is certainly keeping busy with some amazing endeavors! Definitely check out “Come Alive” at the following links:

“Come Alive” Official Track:

“Come Alive” on YouTube:

“Come Alive” on iTunes:

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