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An inside look at David Burke's fabrick restaurant

Adin Langille, Executive Chef at fabrick
Adin Langille, Executive Chef at fabrick

The David Burke Group unveiled its latest culinary project to New York City. Fabrick pays homage to the garment district location it is housed in through name and décor. Intentionally spelled with a "ck", fabrick's unique moniker nods to the brick-and-mortar facades common in the restaurant's Garment District neighborhood and also reminds diners that David Burke – who lines his patent beef dry-aging room with bricks of pink Himalayan salt – is setting you up for a dinner you won’t soon forget.
Chef Burke has put Chef Adin Langille in charge of the kitchen here, and the two worked together to create the menu. The Executive Chef has an impressive resume. He impressed New Yorkers as Chef De Cuisine at Junoon NYC 2011 to 2014, and before that helped a slew of NYC restaurants earn their Michelin Stars.

His work at fabrick is inspiring and delicious. So much so that Burke, who was going to Exec Chef fabrick himself, decided to step out of the kitchen (to do more consulting and development work) after meeting Langille and tasting his food.

“I met David on Meals on Wheels – in the company of Charlie Palmer, Daniel Boulud and Chef Burke, we personally delivered food,” explains Langille. “David told me he was looking for an Executive Chef and I jumped at the chance. I interviewed with 9 dishes for my tasting but I think the dish that caught everyone’s eye was the Red Snapper Ceviche, which is currently on the menu!”
The snapper is a must-order. Served with grapefruit segments, plantain chips and crispy slices of snapper skin that add an amazing taste and texture to the dish.

The Burke/Langille match seems to be made in culinary Heaven. Both chefs see food as art. Adin shared the first time he realized foo was more than just food. “I saw a Chef plating a dish and realized then how you could use food as a median for a sculpture or type of art. At that moment, I realized that cooking could be more than a job to me and was something I wanted to pursue head on.”

There are touches of Burke’s whimsy on the menu, too. Think octopus tacos and his famous cheesecake lollipops. But it’s Langille’s fusion of global ingredients that really shines. “Essentially, American cuisine can be anything because America is such a melting pot – I wanted to create a menu that was doing my twists of David Burke Group classics as well as incorporating my own dishes with some of the Group’s signature presentation styles.”

Langille’s lamb chops and ribs entrée are served with a vindaloo BBQ sauce that brings the best of Indian spices and American finger-foods together. This sauce brings finger-licking good to a new level.

Other impressive dishes were a light and fluffy avocado panna cotta, creamy buratta salad with watermelon, beets, quinoa and prosciutto, and a tuna sashimi served with crispy ginger flecks. Burke purists will appreciate the angry lobster Bolognese served with chitarra pasta and burger fans won’t be disappointed with fabrick’s Club Burger served with American cheese, bacon, Primehouse mayo and house-made pickles.

If Chef Adin is eating in, he’s having the steak. “The Grilled Skirt Steak – if I was going to sit down at the restaurant, that’s what I would order.”

fabrick is located at 47 West 38th Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues). Call 212-302-3838 for reservations.

Seven Minutes with Chef Adin Langille, Executive Chef of fabrick

• All-time favorite restaurants and for what dish?
I have two favorite restaurants and dishes – the first is Arepas Café in Queens. The dish is Cachapas with braised pork and Venezuelan cheese. The other restaurant is Jacob’s Pickles on the Upper West Side – the fried chicken and biscuit sandwich is incredible.

• What’s your go-to drink?
Maker’s Mark or Bulleit Bourbon – double shot, one ice cube. And a beer – normally Sam Adams or Heineken.

• Favorite spots to go after service?
The closest dark, dirty Irish bar I can find.

• You go to the zoo, what's your first stop?
The lions – because lions are awesome.

• If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who is playing you?
Archer. The cartoon.

• What is the most important part of the sandwich?
The structural integrity.

• Do you want fries with that?
Yes – extra medium. With mayonnaise and ketchup.

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