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An inexpensive and easy alternative to a gym membership


Have you in the past or do you now have a gym membership? Literature and facts say that if you do not live within 10 minutes of the workout facility, you will just not use it. Whether the hours are inconvenient, or it is closed on snow days, or whatever the reason, even if you paid only $10 a month for it, you are wasting your money if you are not using your membership.

There is a great alternative that fits your schedule no matter what. No matter where you live, what time you get home from work, or you are on travel, you can still exercise when you are able to, not when the gym is open or closed. The NO EXCUSES WORKOUT system is ideal for anyone who is struggling to fit in exercise but always seems not to.

Jonathan Roche, founder and owner of No Excuses Workouts, has an online fitness program that anyone can do. So long as you have access to the Internet, whether it is on your laptop or your smartphone, this program will meet all your needs, and you need NO special equipment. If the only time you can exercise is at 10 PM, then with NEWO, you can do that.

To quote Jonathan:

  • You can drop 20-60 pounds by Memorial Day (in 20 Weeks) without dieting or long workouts.
  • Forget dieting (it makes you irritable and miserable)!
  • Forget long workouts (they are boring and you don't have the time anyway)!

This weight watcher has been in Boot Camp now for several months. Love it!! You have just a few more hours to sign up. The final spots are going fast. Make exercise easy on yourself—at your pace, and with 5 coaches, including a yoga coach. Sign up here for Boot Camp #18.

GET WITH THE PROGRAM, TROOPS! Set a goal of just 1 pound a week. By Memorial Day you will be down 20 pounds. Now how cool is that?

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