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An Indiana detectives work hits home

There's been a lot of drug raids lately around my small county. I've spoken with people about them lately about how opposed I am to these raids. "No victim, no crime. Peaceful people should not be put in cages" I say sometimes.

I've explained that yes, I am opposed to people taking drugs like heroin, crack, cocaine and most every hard drug. I find it utterly ridiculous someone would put something so dangerous in their body. But throwing them in a cage is not the answer, we don't own someones body, only our own.

But what happens on a drug raid? Well most people know that answer, it's the same thing that happens on any raid on someones house. Cops "legally" break and enter your property, point guns in your face, shout orders, then "legally" steal your property. It's straight up burglary.

I believe in magic, because government has some power I do not understand that takes written words on paper and suddenly makes something illegal, legal. Gotta be magic.

Well a police detective in Brazil, IN (not far from my family in Terre Haute) has experienced a police raid first hand. Although it's not "legal" because it was done by "subjects" and not armed government agents with magical words on paper.

I really feel no sympathy with this man because the same stuff taken in most home raids was stolen from his home. He can sit back and feel what it's like to be a peaceful person that his co-workers harass everyday.

The Chicago-Tribune had this short article on the situation today.

BRAZIL, Ind. —State police say guns and police uniforms were stolen from the home of an agency detective during a burglary of his western Indiana home.

The rural home of Detective Sam Stearley near the city of Brazil was broken into Wednesday. Among the weapons taken were two handguns engraved with state police emblems.

Police say various jewelry and Stearley's gun belt also were taken, although his badge was left behind.

Troopers and detectives canvassed the neighborhood and received some leads, but the agency asked Friday for the public's help in finding whoever committed the burglary.


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