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An incredibly short but most epic interview with new age music producer Dolor

Dolor interview
Dolor interview

I first heard the music of Dolor from a rework he created based off one of The Weeknd's records 'The Morning'. The music was melancholy with a just the right amount of darkness behind it. I knew I would be a fan of Dolor for life. Last month I reached out to Dolor requesting an interview. He initially denied me and I respect he is a rather private person. I spoke truth and connected with him I felt to where eventually, Dolor agreed to an interview. These are the incredibly short, but most epic responses spoken by Dolor.

Who is currently on your ipod?

I'm thinking John Maus and a ton of classical shit, but I've been listening to tapes.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

some place quiet...

What do you think music will sound like in 100 years?


Dolor is defined as "a state of great sorrow or distress." Describe your mood at this current moment?

I'm always a bit dreary, but yesterday was a good time.

What was the best thing you have done this summer?

there were new moments there were blue moments, there was my imagination for a few moments, most of all I've enjoyed true moments.

Your music is incredibly wise beyond it's time. I hope one day I can see you perform live. You are a leader of the new school.

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