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An incredibly moving and important hour of radio

You all know I'm a big fan of talk radio, usually the medium of conversations we don't have on the porch any more.

But I like it even better when I learn something from it. Today's Ronn Owens show on San Francisco's KGO-AM (810) was mindblowing, among the most important things I've heard on the medium.

Turns out the "Support the Troops" people are doing the opposite of what they preach. Injured soldiers are being denied lifelong treatment, even after being wounded, and the Army is claiming they have "preexisting conditions" for such things as mortar concussions and bullets to the leg. According to the show and hearings in Congress, some of the soldiers are being tortured to sign the falsified claims, with the same techniques used in Guantanamo.

This is the most important story of our time, I think, and it has gotten barely any coverage. Why are we not taking to the streets and stopping this? Where are all the patriots now when the soldiers really need them? Where are all those fools who claimed patriotism was wearing a flag. Patriotism is supporting the troops, even when it involves spending money on their well-being.

Author Joshua Kors wrote articles under the heading "Disposable Soldiers" that led to the hearings. Apparently the country is saving $14 billion on soldiers' one seems to care. Congress listened and did nothing.

Kors was Owens' guest and Ronn brought him back the second time over six months. It was such a moving hour, I played it for one of my Cabrillo College classes and I saw they were just as moved (despite the fact that several were confounded by this looked like they were looking for the accompanying video).

Listen to Owens masterfully handle the topic here. It will change your life.


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