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Imperial Presidency and how it effects you.

We are living at a time when people brag on multicultural this and that. They think the more you can allow people to do and think right or wrong is an indication of advanced civilization. In fact it is the opposite. It is not good to allow every other country’s ideas on law and order to become a foundation in this country. Sharia Law is but an extreme example. It is good to have assimilation of those from other cultures into our way of life. They may safely bring elements that are compatible to our broad foundations but we need not accept that which tends to tear down the foundations on which we stand. Yet that is exactly what people are doing. This is being done now from the top down. President Barack Obama is a chief antagonist of the American system. Jonathan Turley is an accomplished liberal law Professor that has been involved in high places in Washington. He is liberal but understands that the President is systematically destroying what the founders built. Let look at these things.

The founders were well aware of all history. It has been estimated that they had an average education level of grade 17. The Leaders of today have an average 10th grade level education. They saw that absolute power corrupts absolutely. They saw that once the State and religion is made as one, that it did not matter if it was ran by Pope or King, men could not be trusted, because someone will take over and abuse the people.

What those founders did was not only extraordinary. It was inspired. For the first time since Moses, men would be made free; and this is how they did it.
1. They understood that men were not good angels and could not be counted on to have made the world and themselves. They could not have come up with the rules, so they set the creation of Rights out side of man. Rights, they said came from, “Natures God” whichever actually created nature and thus science. All these then must agree: Revelation = nature = Science. From this foundation both believer and unbeliever could start from different parts of it and come to the same set of logical facts, allowing agreement.

2. They removed Religion from the power of the state, so that religious leaders could be free to persuade people not by compulsion of human law but by logic based upon natural law and thus science which equals real revelation.

3. Then they took the power of government and divided it into 3 equal branches. There was a very good reason for that. Have you ever been around or seen a husband, wife or boss that changed the rules as they wanted to get their way? Or arbitrarily decided to follow through with understood rules and regulations to benefit the ones whom they wanted to benefit and took from the ones they wanted to punish? This was what they recognized had happened in the history of mankind. So they split the power as below:
(A) Legislative branch; only to make the laws
(B) Executive branch; only to enforce the laws
(C) Judicial branch, to keep people from changing the rules
(D) Make a Republic (Representative government) to slow mob rule, giving people time to think and causing them to make changes slowly over time so that all Ideas can likely be considered soberly.

(E) They also via the Electoral College made it necessary for a would-be leader to court every part of the country to become the President.

Now go back and consider those things that were so thoughtfully done. These are the very things that some ignorantly seek to destroy. Here are some examples. The President and others have done and sought to do. Listen carefully to see if you can find where it undermines many of the safeties established by the founders.

1. The American people elected a Republican to make sure the Senate did not have the super majority to sign into law, Obamacare.
(a) The President and liberals changed the Senate rules so that a super majority was not needed.
(b) The People had elected a lot of Republicans who would be sworn into office early the next year. So the Democrats Knowing that all tax law is supposed to begin in the House did not dare wait for the house newly elected people to take their seats. They knew that they would never pass another Obamacare bill. What they did was to take the Senate bill and “deem it” (called it the house bill) and made changes needed without the house voting again.

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