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(c ) Since then the President has changed the law a couple dozen times as it relates to taxes and revenue to be collected.
(d) He has applied the law to whom he wills and made the ones he wants to benefit exempt as long as he wants.
2. He has decided as with immigration to execute rules not put into law by the congress.
3. He has decided not to execute other laws at all; with the intent as explained by him of going around the Congress. The Latest example would be the possible traitor for whom he traded 5 top terrorist criminals for. The law calls for a President to inform and collaborate with the Congress, 20 days before doing such.

Jonathan Turley: "Obama is the president Nixon wanted to be"

4. He has publically explained that he believes the Constitution is flawed in that it is negative rights. That means it protects the people from government. He laments that it does not tell government what all it can do to and for the people. He has many times explained what he thinks is unconstitutional and then refuses to enforce the law. That is not his power. All of the above was done with the help of other progressives.
5. He has sought to defeat the votes of the people in the several states via the judiciary and attorney General holder by all means at his disposal; Examples would be voter Id legislation and social matters like gay marriage. Why and how gay marriage could be used to undermine the constitution, you might ask. I will answer in my closing below.

To make gay marriage equal under the law, all government has to do is get out of marriage totally. Government would keep records of agreements between people for litigation purposes. The problem would be keeping marriage agreements limited to two people and between humans. Because once you are out of marriage, everyone’s marriages are equal under the law. Those that disagree still have freedom of Conscience to debate and try to mold society peacefully into what they think is right. When you force people by law or judicial fiat, to disobey revelation, natural law and science; in order to pretend same sex relations to be equal to natural society sustaining opposite sex relations, look what you really have done.
(A) Removed law from a sure foundation from which all could reason and come to exact logical conclusions.

(B) You will have now put man and his feelings back in charge of making rights

(C) Laws are made to teach and normalize society:
1. Which means that you are intentionally by force trying to set up a new religious paradigm. That is not the Spirit or province of government under our Constitution. Yet there are few that understand this even in the court system.

2. In part because of number 1 above, it will always cause conflicts, just as sure as abortion has, because government, instead of stepping away and leaving it to the people to do as they think best in specific unclear cases, puts others in a situation to violate their conscience or not be able to work or buy and sell in certain market places. We saw this recently with a photographer and bakery, whose owners were ordered by the court to participate in what violated their consciences or get into another business. If you are a believer in the God of the Bible, they are literally saying, obey us, not the God of your Bible or not be able to make a living in their marketplace. That sounds like the mark of the beast system, more than it does, America.

3. Every time government violates the foundation laid down by the founders, they pit people against each other or forcefully give rights to some while taking rights from others. When all government needs to do is stick with natural law and neutralize government in unnecessarily cases, like marriage, where you want law to treat two unequal things the same. People will do what they will do without government in this matter.

In short, the founders were brilliant. People today by and large don’t have much of an understanding of what the founders were doing and why among all nations that foundation on which we sit has made us a very exceptional nation.

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