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An hour with tinkerbell: scientist becomes a fairy


Deelo Bell

It is not often people stop in their tracks to marvel at the world’s beauty. Corrales resident Deelo Bell, one of few fairies in our society, marvels often.

Although her birth name is not Deelo Bell, and her birth year was not 1994, she considers herself to be fourteen years old. Actually born in 1942, she has the rare privilege to do what she loves: be around joy. By dressing daily as a fairy for the third year now, she spreads love, laughter, and smiles wherever she goes.

“I’ve had enough of what I call multi-dimensional experiences; there is more going on,” she said. These multi-dimensional experiences are out-of-the –box perspectives and many people in society only imagine one way to do things – ‘in the box,’ she said.

Ms. Bell’s out-of-the-box experiences include telepathy, physic powers, and other paranormal phenomena. Recently, she and a friend set up a date telepathically. “Surprisingly,” she said, “it worked out well.”

Many in [the box thinkers consider Bell to be crazy, she said. “While I dress like a fairy—I think the divine wants it to be a joke—I wear [the fairy outfits] to live peoples’ spirits,” she reflected, “My intention is to let love guide me instead of my fears.”
Bell’s life experiences include a PhD in biology from the University of Idaho. “As a scientist,” she said, “once you are in the vibe, you will always attract those who are in harmony with you.” In other words, once you listen to what feels good to you, and are comfortable simply being, you will no longer feel like society’s opinion matters.

She livers her life the way she wants and attract those who want to join her. “Anybody who comes to me,” she said, “is ready to believe in themselves.” She spends her days painting, reading, dancing, meeting new people, living life to its fullest, and enjoying each moment, she said. How? A steady income from social security and her parent’s estate means she doesn’t have to work to earn income.

Divorced after a marriage of nearly thirty years, she stopped suppressing her inner voice, she said. By letting her intuition guide her, she feels closer to the divine energy of the universe. “The divine is a giggle, pure happiness, it is spontaneous joy.” If you are not having fun, “then you are not in tune with the divine.”
Some believe we are all here to serve a purpose, while others believe we are a cycle of nature. According to Bell, we have what we allow ourselves to have.

“If we tune into our joy, our joy/universal spirit speaks to us. We are given gifts that take us where we need to go…our dreams are already there, and the more you dream the more your dreams will come true.” Bell said she loves her life because she lets herself have fun, and she spreads magic. 

For more information about Deelo Bell, take a look at the Corrales Comment 


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