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An explanation of esoteric astrology

The concept of esoteric astrology did not die with its early 20th century champion, Alice Bailey. Others have picked up where she left off in the study and advancement of the theosophical. One such new champion, Philip Lindsay, gives a short interview to the blooming artistic community, "Ignite Me" (

In this interview, (click here), Lindsay briefly explains the idea of the Seven Rays the impact on the world these have. He also describes a little "how and why" about his personal journey into esoteric astrology. To study the seven rays is to study the seven chakras. To become "esoteric" is to be less selfish, to become part of a collective conscious.
Lindsay explains that the path to learning more about esoteric is open, but requires meditation because it cannot be fully comprehended by the lower mind which we use on a daily basis. More information is plentiful on the internet, included Mr. Linday’s site, the

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