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An Exclusive Interview With Whitney Houston's Nephew, Gary Michael Houston

Gary Michael Houston releases his new album The Collins LP
Gary Michael Houston releases his new album The Collins LP
cta 2014

Gary Michael Houston is the the nephew of the late Whitney Houston and the eldest grandson of Cissy Houston. He has just released his new album 'The Collins LP', which has so much inspiration behind it, here is what he had to share with the readers:

You are an incredibly talented artist and producer. How and when did you first get into performing?

Well first let me say thank you I truly appreciate that. As far as performing, let's just say I've been doing that my entire life. Whether it be for family, friends, or fans, it's all I've ever done, it's all I've ever wanted to do.

You are the nephew of the late/great Whitney Houston and the eldest Grandson of Cissy Houston. What was it like for you to be the offspring of such greatness and what did you learn from them?

It was a blessing and a privilege. I had a lot of strong-minded people to look up to. They were the type of people who not only lead by example, but also, always took the time to provide an explanation. Two of the most loving people I've ever known. They taught me to love myself and to trust God no matter what happens.

What would you like people to remember of Whitney that the public never really got to know?

That she was the best, not only on-stage but off-stage as well. She was loyal, loving, and wise. She was kind and strong because above all else, she stayed true to herself and what she believed in.

Your new album 'The Collins LP' has just been released, please tell the readers about some of the inspirations behind it and the influences in the music:

Well it was a combination of music that I grew up listening to, music that my aunt introduced me to, and particularly my cousin DeDe Warrick. Once I finally had a chance to delve into her catalog, I learned so much more about my family including Dionne, Grandma, and Tia. Now if you take those songs and couple them with my experiences over the last 4 years and you have the beginnings of the Collins LP. The rest is just me... It's all Gary Michael Houston.

What has been so far, one of the biggest and most memorable highlights of your career?

Getting my grandmothers blessing. She and I finally sat down and listened to "SUPERNOVA" featuring my younger cousin John Blair. And she enjoyed it! Other than that, it was performing at the Berklee College of music. They were doing a tribute for my aunt and I was asked to perform some of my own music. It was the first time I had performed in a very long time because I was still grieving which put me in a whole different place mentally. So when it was show time, I just closed my eyes and went out on stage. When my set was over Miss Melba Moore greeted me backstage and said I was "Courageous”. I'll never forget that.

What other future projects do you have coming up in the near future?

None at the moment. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm always recording, always writing, and always being creative, whether it is for my own or someone else's project. But I want everyone to let "The Collins LP" sink in a little while, but everything is a possibility at this point, the foundation is set.

What would be your dream project or collaboration as an artist/producer to be a part of?

Off the top of my head, Kim Burrell, Missy (Elliott), and Stokley from Mint
Condition. They don't have to be on the same track, but any one of those three. I'd also love to work with Wale, J.Cole, my boy Chad B from Jersey. Other than that, I'm pretty open to collaborating with just about anyone.

Last but not least, what would be your advice to aspiring artists trying to get into the business?

Be YOU and no one else...

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