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An exciting day in Adoption Class

Deep in Angleton, TX which is about 40 miles south of Houston lies a Depelchin Children's Center office. If you happen to pass this small "office" in the middle of strip mall on the right day, "Oh the things you will hear." On this particular day, the DCC training coordinator sees fit for everyone in the class to discuss terms a man's "member" and a woman's......."area." On this day, the trainer asks that everyone in class yell out a slang turn for genitals. Now for the timid or the weak at heart this may be the point at which you decide, "Maybe I shouldn't adopt a child, I hear the SPCA has some cute kittens at this time of year," but if you are brave enough to shout out the "d-word, c-word, s-word, and p-word" then you'll enjoy this part of training. This day is important because it teaches people to be comfortable because if you can't be comfortable talking about certain things in a room full of adults how will you work up the nerve to discuss it with a 13 year? Maybe it'll go something like this,
Parent: "Well, you're getting around that age where we need to have that talk so here's the first season of Sex and the City, watch it and get back to me if you have any questions."
Child: "Uhhhhh, o.k."
Parent: "Better yet, if you have questions just re-watch it, I hear that Samantha knows a few things."

On a serious note, the sex talk is by far one of the simplest parts of parenting, but one of the most dreaded. While some can't wait for their children to grow up, no one wants to deal with their child being sexually active, but unfortunately sex is not an issue that will just go away with time. Seriously people, if you can sit and watch the movie "Porky's"(men) or the entire collection of Sex and the City dvd's (women) you are ready for "the talk." This moreso than any other time is when you should be sincerely interested in what you child is or is not doing. Some of the children entering your care may be traumatized and it isn't the most effective thing to try to console a child regarding a topic you can't even openly discuss. This is what the class is for. You must get comfortable and be ready for anything. There is no file with a complete family history. In some instances you aren't even privy to all that your child has endured in their brief life. The most you can do is be ready for whatever may come and if that means yelling the "p-word, c-word, d-word, or s-word" in a crowded room then so be it. Yell to the top of your lungs, get in your car, drive home, and see if you can get talking points from Samantha before your bundle of joy arrives.


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