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An Engagement Announcement

Think about the last time you learned someone was engaged! There was probably a lot of happy congratulations, questions about the significant other, and party planning to celebrate the big event. Wouldn't it be great if organizations applied the same energy and enthusiasm toward engagement in the business world? After all, engagement is about commitment. That's what organizations want in the relationship, just the same as a newly engaged couple.

So, think about this. Organizations who are struggling with employee engagement might benefit from a strategy much like the planning involved with a couple in a newly engaged relationship. Perhaps the organization can create communications that tell the employees the wonderful benefits of being in the relationship together; talk about the commitments each will offer the other; explore what a future will be like together and how being together will produce so much more than being apart. Kick off the year with the engagement strategy "party" and announce to the world of employees the excitement of this newly committed relationship. At the same time, it is important to understand there are those who do not wish to be in a committed relationship. Accept that; but do not hesitate to let those employees out of the relationship. As the saying goes 'there's someone for everyone'. Those employees not wanting to be in this committed relationship can move on to other relationships.

Organizational engagement is about a committed relationship. In order for the committed relationship to work, there has to be a sharing of very intimate details. Employees need to know about the business strategy, understand how they fit in the relationship, and understand the expectations of meeting commitments to making the relationship work.

Maybe organizations' hiring strategies would benefit from having an 'engagement party' as a part of the on boarding. That strategy just might lock in the commitment!

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