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An end to leaving labor out of city management

City of San DIego (graphics); Adam Benjamin (layout)
City of San DIego (graphics); Adam Benjamin (layout)
Productivity quality in San Diego comes at a budget price.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer did not overlook the work on saving city costs city employees proved they can do during managed competition. Work on his new plan to bring the labor unions into setting up incentive programs employees can participate in to create ideas to boost productivity, and make government operations efficient, will come naturally for the usual labor reformers among the city's employees.

"I’m calling on the City’s 10,000 workers to come forward with innovative ideas that boost productivity and save money so that we can increase the amount of work the City does in our neighborhoods,” said Faulconer on Monday.

The city can count on the mayor's San Diego WOrks initiative saving money that gives the city room in the budget to work on the neighborhood streets and services line dup for the mayor's One San Diego work. An opportunity to improve the services San Diegans count on depends on the mayor and city employees finding middle ground on productivity plans.

Efficient operations often lower the work fitness that makes city employee productivity measure up to neighborhood contribution goals.

The city budget approved on Monday restores funding for typical neighborhood services, library and park services, and street repairs. City workers do not have added funding they can use to make service quality improvements.

To keep up work on a service quality plan, the city needs to continue to rebuild its staff and field workforce. And, talk to city employees, and the unions, to find the people, and the positions, that can step up productivity quality while City Hall runs the city on a recovery budget level.

Creative ideas for saving work costs keep work funds in the city treasury. Opportunities to do city work in San Diego neighborhoods go up a low step. Revenue growth, the 50 percent plus Faulconer plans to use to fund his neighborhoods plan, will give the city an opportunity to raise the work goals in the neighborhoods. Using creative ideas to do largely the same work for San DIegans will not top off producitivty quality on city services.

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