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An Empty Glass?

How Do You View Your WOrld?
How Do You View Your WOrld?
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How do you see your world? Half empty? Half full? Partly cloudy? Partly sunny? I won't win so why should I play? Which phrases sound familiar to you?

How we look at our lives, our situation, often determines the outcome, the real outcome, the future. But, it's not the result at the end that counts. Rather, it is the journey that allows us many opportunities to experience life.

The above phrases not only pertain to the proverbial glass or sky or lottery odds, but to our lives as well. When we look at our lives with a half-empty attitude, we feel a lack and think that other half is what's missing. We approach life from a position of expectation when we use that thought process. That attitude skews our future life journey if we allow it to continue.

We do have a choice. We can choose to look at our lives as half-full. That way we perceive fullness and are grateful for what we do have. Looking at it as a gift - not an entitlement. In half-full thinking, we count our blessings, seeing all the elements in place and all the things we do have. This draws positive energy into our lives which attracts more abundance.

How do we allow our glasses, our lives, to be half-full more often? First, imagine your life as an empty glass. No friends, no family, no home, no income, etc. It's just an empty glass, waiting to be filled. Once you can clearly feel that emptiness in your mind, begin filling it. Fill it with people, things, places that make up your life and more than anything else, with love. Don't be surprised if your glass is soon over-flowing.

Blessed Be!

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