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An Earth Day beyond convention

National Celebration
National Celebration
WSC Media

Wind Storm Cloud Media, an environmental film production and distribution group, welcomed over 75,000 new participants to celebrate Earth Day 2014 in a major way on April 22, 2014. The campaign consisted of social media engaging activities and a major invitation to over 20 million people to join everyone in celebrating.

The end result was the largest Earth Day celebration in the two year lifespan of Wind Storm Cloud Media. Of course, its first Earth Day celebration in 2012 was most memorable. The Earth Day 2012 television campaign successfully aired on seven major national networks from April 18 through April 22 2012 to over one million viewers. The campaign was just the beginning for Wind Storm Cloud Media. An original Earth Day, Each Day campaign was launched within weeks of Earth Day 2012.

This daily effort to raise climate change and global warming awareness has developed into a thriving multimedia campaign consisting of a daily newspaper with morning and evening editions. The paper is entitled Earth Day, Each Day and it's vast readership grows constantly. As Wind Storm Cloud Media welcomes new Climate Change experts and policy strategists, their articles, reports and commentary is featured in the Earth Day, Each Day interactive newspaper.

Readers are able to browse through previous editions of the paper on demand. Many of the articles, photography, interviews and film clips included are directly from the United Nations, European Space Agency, NASA and corporate sources, later found in the mainstream news. Not only is Earth Day, Each Day popular, but it is considered a reliable source of objective and highly regarded environmental information. Earth Day, Each Day puts participants on the cutting edge of weather systems and green technology.

Engaged readers are able to interact with experts, strategists and companies in real time using Earth Day, Each Day newspaper. Participants have an opportunity to have their articles and multimedia included in the paper as well by reaching out to Wind Storm Cloud Media online side by side with the experts. Ultimately they are encouraged to develop their own content for distribution through Wind Storm Cloud Media as environmental film producers.

This is one of the original purposes of the effort that has become a stronger possibility for skillful participants. The Earth Day 2014 event, Each Day, Each Day and the announcement of the release of the first feature film combined have established Wind Storm Cloud Media as a formidable recognizable force in raising climate change awareness. (, @WSCMedia, #WindStormCloud, Earth Day, Each Day)

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