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An early look on Friday's new comedy movie 'Cop Out' directed by Kevin Smith

For those who don't know what Cop Out is, it's a buddy cop film starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan.

Movie poster for 'Cop Out'
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The genre of "buddy comedy" isn't an original one.  If this weren't directed by Kevin Smith, would it have as much credibility?  The genre is getting to the point where it's almost getting overdone.  Online satirist Maddox has an old article about this very subject.  Comedian Bill Burr has a great comedy bit about these types of movies as well.  Warning: there is some vulgar language in that clip.

A local resident near Anaheim, Charles Tran, commented sarcastically about buddy cop films as well.  He said, "They should make a new comedy starring Chris Rock and Jackie Chan called Traffic Jam."  Many jokes were made about Chris Rock using the line, "Can you comprehend linguistically the words of which I am currently speaking?"

This is why it was a bit surprising that shock jocks from XM Opie And Anthony had positive things to say about the film on their Twitters.  They are notoriously known for unabashedly ripping apart television shows and films as being cliches or just plain unfunny.  No limit is off for these guys.  They seem to take comedy very seriously, such as the time where they bash the hit TV series Two and a Half Men.  Warning: there is some vulgar language in this clip.

It'll be interesting to see whether Cop Out will be funny or not.  It has the elements of being the cliche buddy cop film going against it, but being directed by Kevin Smith while being praised by shock jocks who hate conventional comedies is a plus. 

Luckily for Kevin Smith, movie theaters don't have assigned seating so you don't have to buy two seats in the theater to spare yourself from getting kicked out.  Sorry, the joke was too easy.

Cop Out opens Friday, February 26. Check the showtimes in your local theaters

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