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An Autism Spectrum Disorder Tool Kit

Ryan was diagnosed with autism at age 3.
Ryan was diagnosed with autism at age 3.
Candi Summers

I often have people refer their friends to my column when they have a newly-diagnosed child with Autism. In an effort to help them find the most relevant articles for their situation, I have put together my most popular and favorite articles.

For those who have not yet been diagnosed, or who are unsure about their child's diagnosis, this article helps identify "red flags" for developmental delays.

Red Flags and Gut Feelings

A new autism diagnosis can feel devastating, much like a death sentence for your child. In this duo of articles, I discuss the positive aspect of diagnosis. The comments section illustrates the controversial nature of this topic, but brings many experienced parents to the table with their opinions.

The Positive Power of a Label Part One

The Positive Power of a Label Part Two

A great reminder for all parents:

Resilient Parenting

For parents already in the thick of things, the following articles offer practical advice on how to deal with everyday issues.

Heavy-Duty Childproofing (includes slide show)

Handling your business (a three-part article giving great shopping tips for parents of special needs children. Click on the blue link at the end of each article to go to the next.)

Holiday Planning and Autism Spectrum Disorder (It is a great time to think ahead to the coming Holidays and get your ducks in a row!)

Busting the Myths of Autism Spectrum Disorders, two parts.

Thanks again for making the last two years so rewarding!

Candi Summers, Autism and Parenting Examiner


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