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An Atlanta woman suggests surrender as a path to sanity

Arms raised in surrender
Arms raised in surrender

There comes a time in life especially during a crisis that one admits to being powerless.The following poem came out of a realization that I could surrender my will and life to my Higher Power (God) and gain perhaps for the first time, some real sanity.


My head is exploding with ideas and passions for new paths.

My thoughts struggle to express and escape the past.

The air around me flies and whirls as the ethers are stirred up at last.

I look around me as if the substance that is breaking free is visible for man to see.

My essence flows with no obstacles to stop me, no not even barriers as solid as steel doors or impenetrable corridors.

Earth cannot contain or hold this burning desire waiting to unfold.

Everyday wear and tear, joy, and maybe the inevitable despair can all be stepping stones when creating an uplifting tone.

My thoughts break free and I am bursting with glee.I refuse to be pressed, stressed or surrender to created mess.

Life holds us in a vise but it will not make me live just to survive.

A higher mine is what I seek. Like sands shifting on a deserted beach, life and mind changes appear to seep.

Slowly gaining power and force, my head is freed to channel like a universal cable remote.

I surrender to my Higher Power and I become me.

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